Superlative Spotlight: Most Likely to be TikTok Famous



Pedro Prates (profile at left) and Emily Betkoski earned the senior superlative for Most Likely to be TikTok Famous.

Lindiana Frangu, Activities/Academics Editor and Social Media Editor

WOODBURY — Senior superlative voting for Nonnewaug’s Class of 2021 took place in December. The yearbook staff sent out a first Google Form for suggestions on who students thought should win each superlative category. After the staff sifted through those submissions, they sent out a final voting form to students with names of the top nominees.

The Chief Advocate will spotlight the winners of some superlatives throughout the second semester.

Most Likely to be TikTok Famous: Pedro Prates and Emily Betkoski

TikTok has taken the world by storm. It’s not only a fun place to watch short videos, but it has also been a marketing tool for businesses. Nonnewaug seniors believed that Pedro Prates and Emily Betkoski were the most likely to become famous on the platform, so the Chief Advocate asked each winner about their TikTok experiences.

What’s your most viewed video?

Prates: A TikTok with my girlfriend

Betkoski: 701,300 views

What’s your favorite video?

Prates: The videos I make with my girlfriend

Betkoski: I like the more lighthearted ones.

What kind of content do you create?

Prates: Comedy

Betkoski: Funny videos, mental health-related videos

How many followers do you have?

Prates: 126,000

Betkoski: 6,715

Would you want to become TikTok famous, and why?

Prates: Yes, since you can brighten up many people’s day.

Betkoski: That would be fun; I wouldn’t need to become famous, but as long as my more important videos reach the right people, the number of followers doesn’t really matter to me.

What famous creators do you admire and why?

Prates: David Dobrik, since his videos are funny as well as wholesome.

Betkoski: @claraandherself, because she is a huge advocate for mental health and eating disorder recovery; @siennamae, because she also is an advocate for body positivity and mental health; and @colleen, because is she is supportive of everyone.

What is your TikTok username? 

Prates: @papipanini

Betkoski: @superst3llar