Find Your Style This Fall


TikTok star and fashion influencer Rachel Clark wears a preppy tennis skirt with a leather jacket and shoulder bag. (Photo courtesy of Rachel Clark @rachelnoelllee on Instagram)

Kamden Bushka, Arts Editor

As the weather is getting colder, it is time to transition your wardrobe so you can stay warm. The cold weather does not mean that your outfits can’t be trendy and eye catching. Adding new pieces to your wardrobe and getting in touch with your personal sense of style will make you feel confident and excited to take on the day, even in cold weather. 

As the weather gets colder, many people look forward to dressing in cozy layers, but instead of wearing plain jeans, sweaters, and boots, you can elevate your wardrobe starting now. On TikTok and Instagram, many people are already starting to make statements with their clothes this fall. One of the main trends to try this season is zebra print and leather. 

“I’ve been hearing all about leather and zebra print. From leather jackets to pants, you really can’t go wrong,” said TikToker Rachel Noelle @rachelnoelllee, who has 180k followers and is known for giving fashion and beauty advice and inspiration. She said, “You can pair them together or separately for a chic look. Zebra pants are all the rage this season. They look stylish paired with a basic black crop top and Dr. Martens.” 

If you tend to have a preppier sense of style, now is the perfect time to tap into that. Argyle sweater vests, collared shirts and tennis skirts have been trending and make great outfits for any occasion. 

If skirts or patterned pants do not fit your style, wide leg jeans are a very stylish alternative. They can be paired with baby tees, crew neck sweatshirts and collared shirts. 

Low-rise jeans have also been making a very controversial come back. Some people love them, and some people hate them. Tiktoker Marissa Ren @marstruck has 1.3 million followers and is known for fashion inspiration, cheaper and stylish clothing items, and showing street style fashion in China. She said that low-rise boot cut jeans are an essential in her wardrobe this fall,“They make me reminisce about early 2000’s fashion that I didn’t appreciate back then. It’s also funny because I hated anything low-waisted until recently.” Do not be afraid to go outside your comfort zone, but make sure you feel confident.

Let’s talk about shoes and accessories. Doc Martens are an essential this season because they tie together any fall outfit. The platform boots are classic and edgy and this season keep an eye out for the low top Docs. For jewelry, Vivienne Westwood pearl chokers have been trending since this summer and will fit with any chic or preppy outfits you may want to try. Fuzzy animal print bags are adorable, trendy and will definitely spice up any outfit that might feel a little boring.

This fall, do not forget to branch out and try new things in your wardrobe. If you need more inspiration, follow Rachel and Marissa on TikTok or download Pinterest to help you figure out your own personal sense of style. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should wear whatever feels right to you and makes you confident and comfortable.