Incorporating Covid Masks Into Halloween Costumes


Samantha Conti

NHS science teacher Mr. Tobias Denman (seated right) dresses for the Halloween costume contest as Mr. Declan Curtin (left), Nonnewaug’s Dean of Students & Athletic Director.

Samantha Conti, Arts Editor

Due to Covid-19, wearing masks will be essential this Halloween. Incorporating masks into Halloween costumes can be an easy and fun way to stay safe this Halloween season.  

People are required to wear masks most of the time while out in public. While wearing masks may not be the most convenient thing, it is important in order to protect ourselves and those around us.  “I think that if you want to participate in Halloween traditions, you should follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe and protected, even if it means wearing a mask,” said Eliana Wolff, a freshman at Nonnewaug High School. 

Masks are very easy to incorporate into all types of costumes. Some people may prefer to keep it super simple. “I am going to be a dark angel and I am going to wear a black mask that matches with my costume,” said Lux Calo, a sophomore at NHS. 

 A mask can even add creativity and detail to a costume. “This year I will be dressing up for Halloween. Out of respect for others I will be wearing a mask. I am going to be a character from Grey’s Anatomy. I will be wearing a surgical mask. In my opinion, the surgical masks are the most comfortable, so this is my quick and easy way to have a fun and safe Halloween,” said Sophie Pape, a NHS sophomore. 

So no matter what costume you choose this year, there’s sure to be a mask that matches or enhances your outfit.