New Business Classes Available at NHS


Christopher Velleca

Nonnewaug High School’s Entrepreneurship class discussing ethical case studies in business on Thursday, November 5, 2020.

Christopher Velleca, Business and Technology Editor

Nonnewaug High School’s Business Department is introducing two new classes this year, an Entrepreneurship class and an Agribusiness class. Nonnewaug is expanding its horizons by furthering its business section with these new classes. These classes are designed to inform students on important financial decisions that will assist them in life after graduation.

The entrepreneurship class, which is new to NHS, will be taught by Mr. Devon Bares, NHS Business and Technology Education teacher, and is being held during the first semester of the 20-21 academic year. This class is designed to educate students on the “ins and outs” of entrepreneurship, as well as important financial skills for business and life.

According to, the top five richest individuals in the U.S. are all entrepreneurs. Taking the NHS business entrepreneurship class will show students the field of entrepreneurship and what it takes to start and run your own business. “I like how it’s a lot of real world applications, and it’s given me a good life skill for my future,” said James Vincent, a student at NHS who is currently taking the entrepreneurship course.

This course is designed to provide students with the foundational skills for future entrepreneurship and the opportunity to achieve their goals in life. Mr. Bares said, “the question is do you want to be an employee or an employer?” 

Another new-to-NHS class is the Agribusiness class taught by NHS Business teacher Mr. Adam Lengyel, which will be held during the second semester of the 20-21 academic year. This class is designed to help NHS students who are competing in the Farm and Agribusiness Management Career Development Event (CDE). In this competition, participants demonstrate their ability to analyze agricultural business management information, apply economic principles and concepts of business management, evaluate business management decisions and work together cooperatively as a team.

According to those involved in the new classes, taking a business class at NHS is an investment towards your future.  Mr. Lengyel and Mr. Bares are devoted teachers who are dedicated to engaging students in effective learning tasks without giving a massive workload. “Mr. Lengyel and I know our job here is to try to build on students’ interest, but at the same time we are not here to kill them with work,” said Mr. Bares. He added that the course work is intended to “grasp your attention and help you retain the information that will carry over and help you throughout your life”.