All Space and No Makers

LMC Makerspace Dormant for Now


Christopher Velleca

The makerspace in the Nonnewaug library media center will have to wait until students return to school to be used again.

Christopher Velleca, Business/Technology Editor and Digital Editor

WOODBURY — The Nonnewaug High School makerspace, located in the library media center, provides students with a creative environment that is now off limits due to remote synchronous learning starting back up again.

A makerspace is a creative environment that provides the tools and supplies needed for various projects. During the normal in-school schedule, students were able to utilize the makerspace on their days in school. Now with remote learning, students are unable to access the building to utilize all that the makerspace offers. 

When Region 14 declared Nov. 12 its return to remote synchronous learning beginning Nov. 20, many students prepared to leave their newly learned schedule and begin orientation to learning full-time at home once again. To many students, this news brought the realization of cancelled sports, not being able to see friends and teachers, as well as not being able to use the equipment and supplies that the school provides.

When in school, the makerspace provides students with tools and supplies that they may not have at home like a 3D printer, paint supplies, podcasting microphones, arts and craft supplies, puzzles and board games, and a creative environment with plenty of space to work.

To many students, this is a place of interest or refuge where they could come and create or relax, yet so suddenly it was stripped away stripped from them.

Maureen Vint, the library media specialist, described the makerspace as “a place where students can create, problem solve and work collaboratively on a number of different activities.”

Whether students want to create or play a mindful game, the makerspace has plenty to interest everyone. Using the makerspace gives students a break in the day where they can be productive doing what they love.

“It helps students become creators, not consumers,” said Vint.

In a world where we are consumers of so much, becoming a creator is important. The makerspace is there to help all students, guiding and enabling them to succeed in whatever they aspire to do or create. 

With the expected return of students on Jan. 19, 2021, the makerspace will be back in use, guiding the creative minds of students. Every student is encouraged to utilize this space as a place for creative thinking and tinkering. Students are able to access this space when we return to school during their study halls as well as after school.

Having a makerspace is something unique to Nonnewaug that not many other schools have. The makerspace is constantly improving and growing. Questions about the makerspace can be sent emailed to Vint at [email protected].