Celebrities Bashed for Holding Pandemic Bashes


Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kendall Jenner blows out her birthday cake candles while a masked waiter holds the cake at an Oct. 31 party. Jenner is among the celebrities who received backlash for partying during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lindiana Frangu, Activities/Academics Editor and Social Media Editor

Celebrities across the United States have been receiving criticism on social media and in the news for hosting massive parties during the global pandemic.

Adults, teenagers, and even some other celebrities have gone to social media to speak about celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, famous TikTokers, and many more. They have expressed an immense amount of anger towards these celebs, saying things like, “This is not OK,” “You don’t deserve a platform,” and much more.

Some people even took it as far as threats and continuous badgering. Many spectators say these parties have been massive (exceeding the number of people allowed in one space) with no masks and no social distancing.

Some believe that celebrities can make their own choices and should not always be judged because they are in the spotlight of the public because many are doing the same just secretly at home.

“This is such a controversial topic; it is hard to say,” Nonnewaug art teacher Genna Riggi said. “I think that those who choose to host and also those who chose to attend have the right to make those choices and should act responsibly for who they come into contact with. I do think that it is safe to wear a mask, and it also sets a good example for the general population, including supporters/fans.” 

Some celebrities that received backlash have opened up to the public and apologized, but the public has not cared. Many have held a strong grudge against those holding these parties even with a respectful apology published.

Kris Jenner, in defense of her daughter, told news sources, “We live our lives trying to be just really good people. We’re dealing with lots of people that have different opinions, and all we can do is live our lives the best way we know-how and be responsible and do the right thing, and we’re doing that exactly.”

With spectators commenting there have also been comments made from onlooking fellow celebrities. Singer Loren Gray has come out to the public multiple times about staying home and that we have to follow the rules and guidelines to save lives.

I wanna go out too, we all wanna go out, but we can’t when you’re spreading coronavirus like a wildfire,” she said in a TikTok video. “Please, for us, for you, stay at home. Read a book. Tell your family that you love them. Your 19th birthday can wait.”

Health experts have been adamant about large parties can be a super-spreader event. If one person is infected and comes in close contact with several others, it is a driving force keeping the number of cases high.

Dr. Anthony Fauci emphasized in a recent interview that “young people are at the center of the country’s recent uptick in coronavirus cases. I think what is happening is that, understandably, innocently, but not correctly, the younger individuals are saying, well, if I get infected, so the chances of it are that I won’t even have any symptoms, so who cares?” 

A Region 14 parent who requested anonymity added, “I think celebrities displaying this behavior has made teenagers do the same. I have seen and heard of multiple groups of teens gathering in large groups at parties, each other’s houses and not following the guidelines through it. As a person at high risk, I find it very difficult especially with children of my own because I look like the bad guy if I say no to my kids, but my life is at risk.” 

In the end, it is essential to wear a mask, social distance, and stay home as much as possible to make sure we lower the number of cases, hospitalizations and find an end to the pandemic.