Crushed Seniors Hope to Replace Cancelled Homecoming


Contributed by Donna Bushka

Traditional homecoming poses, like this one from Nonnewaug’s 2019 dance, weren’t seen this year as homecoming was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Samantha Conti, Arts/Entertainment Editor

WOODBURY — COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of so many things this year, including sports, in-person school, and possibly prom. Add to the list Nonnewaug’s annual homecoming dance.

This is obviously devastating for many students, especially seniors. This pandemic has definitely impacted the class of 2021’s senior year. Not having their senior homecoming just tops off the list. 

“It’s really upsetting not having my senior year homecoming,” senior Mia Higgins said. “I was really looking forward to having it.”

This would’ve been Higgins’ last high school homecoming dance. She feels that homecoming is fun and gives people something to look forward to, something that’s been missing for most of this year.

“When students don’t have anything to look forward to, they lose motivation to complete assignments and attend school,” Higgins added.

Given all that’s happened in 2020, students crave an experience that allows them to let loose.

“I think that especially now we need a time to release stress and have fun,” said senior Alexa Burke. “As a senior I was really upset that we didn’t have a homecoming because putting all this time and effort into school and to attend these dances is something I really look forward to because it’s a great time to spend with friends.”

Homecoming is a rite of passage for high school students. It’s a fun environment in which students of all grades can partake. 

Kellen Herman, another senior, feels that not having a homecoming is unfortunate but noted that “the faster we get over this virus, the faster things can get back to normal. It sucks for the upperclassmen, but it is what it is.” 

Students are hoping for possible solutions and or new ideas for ways to have a safe homecoming dance.

“I believe that if we all came together and brainstormed ideas, there could be a solution and a safe way to have homecoming, like maybe only having seniors,” Burke said. “I think that it can definitely be done.”

Another nearby high school held its homecoming safely and successfully. On Oct. 24, Thomaston held its dance outside. Students remained six feet apart and they kept their masks on the majority of the time. They hung Christmas lights and installed heaters to keep people warm. 

The week of homecoming leading up to the night of the dance is always something people look forward to. Homecoming and its festivities, like Spirit Week and pep rallies, creates a positive school community and school spirit — which is sadly missing this year.