Chief Advocate’s New Website Creates Buzz



The new, all-online version of the NHS Chief Advocate debuted in October.

Lauralee Pelletier, Reporter

WOODBURY — The Nonnewaug High School journalism team in October 2020 launched the first-ever website for the readers of the NHS Chief Advocate, the school’s student media organization. This decision made way for many upgrades and improvements to be made for the readers of the Chief Advocate, as well as the reporters who write the stories.

Many people at Nonnewaug are excited about these changes, including the future potential the Chief Advocate holds. Among these people is history teacher and co-advisor of the Chief Advocate, Kyle Brennan.

“With the improvements we were able to make by switching to online, our reporters are able to post more current and timely news stories that affect the Nonnewaug community,” said Brennan, who teaches journalism along with Rebecca Gambardella. “Due to COVID-19, it was important for us to launch the website as soon as we could because we wanted to make Chief Advocate as easily accessible and relevant as possible for the students, staff, and the community.”

Making the Chief Advocate easily accessible in these uncertain times was a key concern to those who are now delighted that they will be able to continue to read their favorite sections of the Chief Advocate.

“As the athletic director, I appreciate the coverage that our teams get because I know the time and effort they put forth in the school spirit that they bring to our building,” Nonnewaug AD and dean of students Declan Curtin said. “The totality of the newspaper illustrates that Nonnewaug is a well-rounded academic institution where students get a chance to shine and demonstrate their own personal interests on a daily basis. Thus, I enjoyed reading all the parts of the online publication.”

The journalism team has also been complimented by many on how sophisticated and well organized the new platform is displayed. As the new Chief Advocate keeps making progressive changes, it entertains the question of what other developments could be in the future.

“The Nonnewaug High School journalism program will always continue to push for improvement,” Brennan said. “With a great foundation we have built, we are able to be more comfortable moving in new directions such as video news, live broadcasting of sports events, podcasts, and more photography. We have a lot of potential.”

This is quite promising information for the loyal readers of the Chief Advocate, who will now have many more features to enjoy in the coming future.

“I believe that students need to be exposed to opportunities for self-improvement,” Curtin said. “Thus I would like to see our students and graduates highlighted through the publication. We need to show our current generation that many accomplishments are possible through hard work, determination, and perseverance.”

There’s so much to love and look forward to when it comes to the Chief Advocate news platform. With continuous, relevant, new stories coming in weekly and the new upgraded features that are constantly improving, the sky’s the limit for reporters and advisors of the Nonnewaug High School journalism program.