Less Snow Means Less Plowing, Income for Landscapers



Franco Pannofino, a Nonnewaug senior and owner of Fino’s Landscaping, plows snow during a storm earlier this winter. Snowfall totals have fallen over the years, meaning plowing business can be less profitable.

Rich Groben, Ag/FFA Reporter

WOODBURY — Snow has begun to become a whisper of winter over recent years. However, even though it doesn’t occur as frequently anymore, snow is still seen as a profitable resource for businesses. 

Nonnewaug senior Franco Pannofino, founder and owner of Fino’s Landscaping, has worked with snow and snow removal for years. 

“Recent snow business has been dry. The lack of snow has caused problems,” said Pannofino. “But over spring, summer and fall, I have saved up due to the fact that we don’t have good winters anymore.”

Pannofino notes that since recent winters has not been as profitable for snow removal, other seasons can make up the difference depending on how one spends earnings and saves money. 

Even when it snows, they haven’t been prolonged events with impressive totals.

“The storms only really lasted a day,” added senior David Albert, who works for E.L.M. Tree Service.

For both businesses, the lack of snow has not caused too many problems thanks to understanding customers.

“I have not lost any business due to snow problems. Usually people are very understanding,” said Pannofino.

Contracts also prevent business from being totally lost because payment is guaranteed as long as the workers show up to the contracted site. 

“We have contracts, so whenever it snows, we go there,” said Albert.

Pannofino and Albert both shed light on the fact that just because the season has changed, doesn’t mean that business has. Unlike snow, there is always something to work on for them and many other workers.