Not All Digital: Teachers Remain in Classrooms


Mr. Kyle Brennan, a history teacher at Nonnewaug High School, talks to his class online via Google Meet.

Louis Williamson, Reporter

WOODBURY — Nonnewaug High School has been all digital since the middle of November due to COVID-19, but has it really been all-digital? Teachers have still been inside of the school, while the students have been home. If the students couldn’t be in the school because of the heightened hazard, why could the teachers be in harm’s way, in a sense?

Nonnewaug principal Pam Sordi said that there are many benefits to explain why teachers have remained in their classrooms.

“Most importantly is reliable internet service,” said Sordi. “In many cases, teachers were less distracted while in school from anything that may draw their attention away from their students. … Being in school allows teachers to access all educational materials they may need use during instruction.”

By minimizing internet issues and distractions, teachers maximize their productivity.  

As for the health concern, students are home to minimize person-to-person activity. It seems counter-intuitive that the teachers have been in school, but Sordi noted that they have been minimizing person-to-person activity.  

“While students were out, each teacher was given a private classroom or office to teach from so they were not exposed to any other teachers,” Sordi said.

It’s a great way to social distance for the time being. Some may wonder about the perspective from someone living out the plan — the teachers.

“I understand why teachers had to teach from the building while students were all remote,” social studies teacher Kyle Brennan said. “We have great technological resources and internet available at Nonnewaug, so I can provide a better online class to my students than I could from my home office. Teaching from a classroom usually leads me to be more focused than I would be at home. So although I would love the opportunity to get some extra sleep in the morning and teach at home, I think it was a good decision to have us teach from the building.

“Our administrators have done a terrific job navigating through this pandemic and I trust that every decision they’ve made has been in the best interest of our students.”