Students Talk Pros, Cons of Google Classroom


Phoebe Criscuolo, Reporter

Google Classroom is a tool used by many teachers during remote learning, but it’s also used during in-person learning. Google Classroom allows teachers to create an online classroom for their students where they can manage documents for students and assign work, too. Teachers can also make a quick announcement which everyone can see right away. 

There are pros and cons to using Google Classroom, according to students.

“I like how the work is organized into weeks,” sophomore Lily Fairbairn said. “It makes assignments easier to find, and resources [too].”

Fairbairn also talked about Google Meet, another feature used on Google Classroom. Students have used Google Meet frequently throughout this school year.

“Breakout rooms aren’t as helpful as some people think they are,” Fairbairn said. “If [students are] in a breakout room with friends, it can cause distractions.” 

Another student, who asked to remain anonymous, said another helpful resource is the “upcoming work” tab on the side of Classroom with due dates of assignments.

“You can see when assignments are due, helping you not forget, and upcoming work gives you a preview of what’s to come soon,” the student noted. “Everything on Google Classroom serves a purpose in some way.”