Social Media Seen as Double-Edged Sword in 2020



Social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter bring positive and negative impacts to society.

Samantha Conti, Arts/Entertainment Editor

Social media made a huge impact on 2020, especially during the pandemic. With that comes the bad and the good. Social media is often looked at as a toxic and harmful environment, but it has its pros. People often debate whether or not social media is beneficial or harmful to our world. 

During the pandemic, many people were stuck at home quarantined and bored out of their minds. Apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter kept people busy and allowed them to keep up with their friends.

“TikTok has been extremely beneficial. It has always been there as something to do,” Nonnewaug sophomore Sophie Pape said about the second-most used app in 2020. “It also showed many new clothing styles and places to buy cute clothes, showed me new recipes and foods to try, fun new hairstyles, activities to do at home, home workouts, and was a great escape from everything going on. I tried so many new things I never thought I would and many can say the same.”

Social media helped everyone get through the tough times that 2020 brought.

“Social media has given us a way to express our feelings, current topics and other ideas to anyone and everyone,” said Max Wolff, a fellow sophomore. 

Social media also comes with many downsides. Many false interpretations have been made public and spread about COVID-19. Users on the apps have shed light on things which were not deemed reliable.

“Social media has both negatively and positively impacted the way information is portrayed to the average human being,” Wolff said. “Since the dawn of technology, the way news and general information is distributed amongst our nation and even the world has changed dramatically.”

Media outlets post things which are and can be perceived as biased.

“It truly is disgusting and disheartening,” said Pape. “Over the last year I have seen how corrupt media bias is. I have learned that in order to actually learn about the election, the pandemic, all the protests and riots, I need to do my own research by watching the news and seeing both sides.”

However, social media has served as a way for statistics, general safety details and other pandemic news to be published and available for everyone to see. People all across the world were given the chance to stay safe by following safety and health regulations with the increased usage of social media. 

Social media has served as means of communication during the past year. It has helped people stay connected with family and friends and gave everyone something to do while in lockdown. With all the pros social media has, there still are the negatives to consider.