Some Students Tired of Masks — and Mask Breaks


Noah Vincent

Senior James Vincent sports his Nonnewaug High school mask which reads, “Staying positive, testing negative.”

Noah Vincent, Reporter

WOODBURY — With Nonnewaug reopening in-person learning four days a week for all students, everyone is bound to have some new opinions on mask wearing.

Since Nonnewaug went fully remote in November, many students haven’t had to wear masks for extended periods of time. While many teachers have designated times for students to go outside and take a mask break, it is still a big change for some students. 

But with most public places — including schools — requiring face coverings, face masks have become a way for students to express themselves, just like any other accessory. Are students more focused on being fashionable than being safe? 

Some students are starting to feel the frustration and fatigue of the long-term mask wearing. 

“I think everyone is just tired of [masks] at this point,” sophomore Sophia Dmitriyeva said. 

“I don’t think people have a positive attitude about masks,” sophomore Makenna Santerre agreed. “I’ve only heard negative things about masks, and sometimes I see people trying to sneak them off during class.”

Students have different reasons for wearing masks.

“I wear masks for the safety of others, but also because people are telling us to wear them all the time,” Santerre said.

“It’s like half keeping myself safe and half because I have to,” Dmitriyeva echoed.

Teachers sometimes give mask breaks during class periods. While some students appreciate the break from having to wear the mask as well as the additional time to socialize, others don’t want teachers to give students more mask breaks throughout the day. 

“No — in fact, I think we have too many,” Santerre said. “I usually get mask breaks every class period and I don’t even take off my mask because I don’t feel like I need to.”