Sophomores Touring Venues for 2023 Prom



Sophomores on Jan. 23 toured Aqua Turf, one of the venues they’re considering for their 2023 senior prom.

Raine Wood, Reporter

WOODBURY — The Nonnewaug Class of 2023 Council is in the process of planning for its senior prom. Due to COVID-19, sophomores were set back on their plans at first, but are on track and currently in search of a venue. 

“Finding venues hasn’t been a difficult thing because most people know the major venues in the area,” said Kyle Brennan, sophomore class advisor, “and it was really just a matter of figuring out how we are going to tour and interview some of these venues with all of their COVID precautions.”

The sophomore class’ prom committee narrowed the search to three venues.

“We are touring Aqua Turf in Plantsville, Aria in Prospect, and Waterview in Monroe,” said Charlotte D’Alexander, the group’s prom committee chairperson.

The final decision won’t be made for another few weeks. One group visited Aqua Turf on Jan. 23, while other groups will visit other venues Feb. 5 and Feb. 6.

“Then we will reconvene and talk to make a decision,” said Ryan Wicklund, who will be among the sophomores to visit a venue. 

Sophomores who are not on the committee also have opinions on their prom.

“For a venue, I definitely want it to be something like homecoming, with a dance floor and a separate place to sit with tables and chairs to eat,” Nora Galvin said.

With regard to COVID-19, there is not much concern for any cancellation or regulations for the sophomores’ eventual prom, as it is two years away.

“I think the pandemic will be pretty much over that point, and I would expect a pretty regular senior prom in 2023,” Brennan said. 

As of right now, the sophomore prom committee is pretty early on in its planning. The sophomores are focused mostly on finding the perfect venue, and then should be moving onto a possible theme for the prom after their decision has been made.