Berkshire League Media Producer Cody Dzis Has Big Dreams For His Future


The Rundown star Cody Dzis poses for a promotional picture for his popular Berkshire League sports media broadcasts. Photo courtesy of Cody Dzis.

Cosmo Lovig, Sports Reporter

Cody Dzis may not be a household name – yet. 

If you follow boys basketball in the Berkshire League, then it’s very likely you may know Dzis as the sports media producer and host of the popular sports news broadcast The Rundown, which covers Boys Berkshire League Basketball. 

However, Dzis has big plans for his future after finding success with local sports. “ [My] future goal is to become a main play-by-play commentator for the NFL and the NBA”. Adding his dream  “in about 20 years [is to call a] play-by-play for a Super Bowl or an NBA Finals.”

Dzis, who graduated from Northwestern Region #7 in 2020, chose to take a gap year this past year to focus on himself and, most importantly, The Rundown

The Rundown, owned exclusively by Dzis, is currently available on YouTube and Instagram. Dzis created and nearly solely operates The Rundown, only recently adding some field reporters to pre- and post-game interviews.

Dzis was inspired to start broadcasting after being cut from the town’s basketball team.  “Sports have always been a part of my life,” he said. “Football and basketball are my two favorite sports, and I’m trying to get into baseball as well. When I was little, I played recreational basketball for my town.” Dzis noted that his passion for covering the Berkshire League is fueled by a desire “to involve myself into sports another way.” 

Dzis local efforts covering Berkshire League sports does not go unnoticed. Fans and players around the league have voiced their opinions throughout the season about how much it means to them that they are getting recognition. 

Nonnewaug basketball star Jon Khazzaka said this about Dzis work on The Rundown: “I think it’s great to see our Nonnewaug team and the Berkshire League get recognition as we are one of the smaller conferences in the state.”

This type of feeling is exactly what Dzis hopes to bring out of the players, noting he “just wants to put the word out and give the [Berkshire League] some spotlight that the conference so rightfully deserves!” 

Dzis doesn’t just get this kind of positive feedback from the players; sports fans across the Berkshire League are also grateful for his work on The Rundown

Zach Thompson, NHS athlete and sports fan, said, “even though I don’t play basketball, it’s really great to see what he posts about our school. I like the fact that I can stay informed about what’s going on with basketball right now, even if I can’t go to the games [due to COVID restrictions].”

Even if Dzis didn’t have these testimonials, he’s still got a lot to prove for his success. Most notably he reached over 1,000 followers on his Instagram account The Rundown – an impressive accomplishment for a small town sports broadcaster. 

Interviewed on the one year anniversary of his mother’s tragic death, Dzis said he has used his mother’s passing as motivation for his work. “I am mostly grateful for my mother, who a year ago today sadly passed away,” he said. “[But] she lives inside of me every day. She was my biggest supporter, and I love and miss her every day.”

Dzis added, “I am also grateful for my friends and family for supporting me throughout my journey with the BL, the players on all 9 BL teams for being a part of the media and wanting to be involved, and a special ‘thank you’ to the current 1000+ followers on Instagram (blbb_therundown) & the 300+ subscribers on YouTube (BLBB The Rundown). Much love to all!”

To check out The Rundown and connect with Dzis, please visit his sites tagged above.