Nonnewaug Reacts to Country Singer Morgan Wallen Controversy, Cancel Culture


Photo Courtesy of Samantha Conti and Kamden Bushka

Local fans of country music superstar Morgan Wallen are disappointed by the recent controversies, but are divided on whether he should be “canceled” permanently.

Samantha Conti, Arts & Entertainment Editor

WOODBURY – Morgan Wallen is a popular country singer and songwriter. After he released his new full album on January 8th, a controversial video of Wallen surfaced on social media. The video included Wallen and his buddies drinking alcohol. In the video, a visibly-intoxicated Wallen blurted out a racial slur, leaving many fans upset.

Toby Denman, Nonnewaug teacher and athletic coach, said, “I think the first thing he needs to do is apologize and actually mean it. His record label and [radio] stations have taken the action they need to take. Time will tell if there are repercussions behind that.”

Which is exactly what Wallen did. When Wallen saw the video had been leaked, he immediately went to social media and said, “I’m long overdue to make a statement regarding my last incident. I wanted to collect my thoughts, seek some real guidance, and come to you with a complete thought before I did.” 

He proceeded to say, “I let so many people down, and I’m not okay with that. … I was wrong. I fully accept any penalties I’m facing.” 

“This entire situation is ugly right now, but I’ll keep searching for ways to become the example instead of being made one,” he concluded.

Fans and members of the NHS community are equally disappointed in Wallen’s behavior. “Anyone using the language he used should understand that there isn’t a time or place for it,” said Denman. “Even if he feels he was not trying to offend anyone, simply using that term is offensive.” 

This is not the first controversy the country singer has faced. In early December, he was caught partying, not social distancing, and not wearing a mask. The pictures and video were plastered all over the internet. 

 However, many punishments followed all these controversies. Wallen’s record label suspended him, and hundreds of radio stations dropped him.

“I think that what he did was wrong, but you could clearly see he was not in the right mind to know right from wrong,” said Sophie Pape, sophomore. 

Many people “canceled” Wallen and refused to listen to his music. Others still believe in Wallen and his music, and they feel that his apology and efforts in making it right should grant him a second chance. 

Although Wallen’s comment was not taken lightly by any means, the question of whether or not he should be “canceled” is still up in the air. 

“He apologized diligently. … I do not think anyone should be able to say that word, but he made a mistake like many others have made,” said Pape. 

Some disagree and were still upset even after Wallen’s efforts to apologize. “Someone who has a financial interest in [Wallen] – continuing to benefit from someone who clearly has at best some maturity issues and at worst character issues – probably needs to think about how much a dollar means to them. He has repeatedly acted like a dope,” said Denman. 

Nonnewaug’s take on the rising country singer is divided. As far as Wallen and his career, he has lost many dedicated fans.