Headed for Greatness: Congratulations Class of 2021!


Image courtesy of NHS instagram

A photo of the NHS Class of 2021 on their first day of freshman orientation four years ago.

“I am so proud of each one of you. Your individual achievements and future aspirations make each of you so unique. What defines a school is not the building itself, but the people within it. The relationships we have built have profoundly impacted me. Your respect, actions, words and accomplishments have made me a better leader. 

I will miss each one of you. Your smiles and hellos as you enter the building every morning and the ‘Have a good day Mrs.Sordi’ as you leave make each day so special.

What feels like the end is often the beginning – go out there and do amazing things.  We are the home of the Chiefs…this will always be your home.”

-Pam Sordi, principal at Nonnewaug High School


The following is a list of all graduating seniors and their plans for the coming year:

Ashlie Ackerman – Naugatuck Valley Community College

David Albert – Marines

Hunter Anderson – Workforce

Samatha Argel – Cazenovia College

Jewellianna Austin – Manhattanville College

Riley Ballard – University of Vermont

Travis Bambino – Springfield College

Eliza Bassett – Western New England University

Gregory Bastek – Workforce

Emily Betkoski – Hawaii Pacific University

Jade Bettigole – Delaware Valley University 

Gabriella Binette – University of Maine

Sarah Blackburn – University of Connecticut

Ryan Blachard – Workforce

Tyler Bomba-Lewandoski – Workforce

Jacob Bona – Workforce

Kayla Bouchard – Michigan State University

Olivia Braga – Workforce

Damian Brizuela – Workforce

Gabriel Brochu – Bentley University

Mitchell Brooks – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Owen Brown – Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Elyza Bruce – Georgetown University

Nora Buckley – Colorado State University

Ian Budrewicz – University of Connecticut

Alexa Burke – University of North Carolina, Wilmington

John Burton – Otterbein University

Braden Calo – Roger Williams University

Isabella Calvano – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Victoria Canonico – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Brendan Cassidy – Undecided

Joshuah Caton – Post-Secondary Training Program

Mekhi Chambers – University of Hartford

Tyler Cheatham – Connecticut School of Broadcasting

Meteku Ciesielski – Northwestern Connecticut Community College

Hannah Cipriano – Undecided 

Caitlyn Clow – University of Hawaii, Manoa

Chase Cocchiola – Workforce

Cwen Cole – Naugatuck Valley Community College 

Justin Cole – Workforce

Casey Cornelis – Post-Secondary Training Program

Katie Coyle – Sacred Heart University

Dominick Cuccia – Workforce

Matthew Cuccia – Workforce

Andrew Cunningham – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Ashleigh Cunningham – Unknown

Olivia Dages – University of Connecticut

Matthew Daly Lehman – University of New Haven 

Thayer Daly Lehman – University of New Hampshire

Rachel Danaher – Lesley University 

Abigail Davis – Post-Secondary Training Program

David DeForge – University of Connecticut

Preston DeLeo – Case Western Reserve University

Lauren DeMunnik – Quinnipiac University 

Jack DiSapio – Workforce

Stephanie DiSarro – University of Rochester

Derek Dodge – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Susannah Drap – Western Connecticut State University

Samuel Feliciano – Southern Connecticut State University

Meghan Fennelly – University of Maine

Hannah Ferris – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Donald Fish – Workforce

Kylie Fitzgerald – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Chelsea Fowler – Smith College

Lindiana Frangu – Marist College

Zuzu Gasco – Colgate University

Eric Ganetsky – Stratford School for Aviation

Taner Genc – Workforce

Anthony George – University of Connecticut

Alexander Gilbert – Workforce

Dylan Gingras – Workforce

Vincent Glander – Workforce

Lucas Goerg – University of Vermont

Haley Gonzales – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Adrianna Gottmeier – University of Southern Maine 

Danielle Gough – University of Connecticut

Katherine Greene – Elon University

Madison Grieger – Colby Sawyer College

Madison Griffin – Western New England University

Richard Groben – University of Connecticut 

Julia Grzywacz – University of Montana

Connor Gyolai – Workforce

Ashley Hennessey – Coastal Carolina University

Kellen Herman – Mansfield University

AnnaMarie Hickey – College of Charleston

Mia Higgins – Clemson University

Skyler Hoag – University of Connecticut

Jacob Hornik – Lincoln Tech

Liam Hubbard – University of Buffalo

Jacob Hungerford – Workforce

Jaeden Hunt – Unknown

Rebecca Hydar – Workforce

John Iamiceli – Western Connecticut State University

Connor Inglis – National Guard

Milana Jaffin – Post-Secondary Training Program

Mya Julian – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Abagail Kabat – Naugatuck Valley Community College 

Cody Kelsey – Sacred Heart University

Jon Khazzaka – Northeastern University

Brady Kissinger – University of New Mexico

Meghan Kostka – University of Findlay

Grace Koukopoulos – Virginia Tech

Joseph Kovacs – Western Connecticut State University

Garrett Kowalski – Workforce

Benjamin Lafferty – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Tyler Lavaway – Syracuse University

Jack Lawlor – Workforce

Tyler Leonard – Marines

Anthony Ligouri – Gap year

Cosmo Lovig – University of Connecticut

Kaine Luarasi – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Kevin Luarasi – National Guard 

Allyson Marra – University of Maine

Asanie McDade – Florida Atlantic University

Madison Meenan – Western Connecticut State University

Olivia Melillo – Eastern Connecticut State University

Hunter Miller – Central Connecticut State University

Evan Nakoneczny – Gap year

Julia Nielsen – University of Idaho

Chiara Nowell – Gap year

Christian Noyd -New England Technical Institute

Xavier Oliveira – Workforce

Daniel Paganelli – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Katherine Pagnamenta – Springfield College

Franco Pannofino – Workforce 

Zeke Peklo – Asnuntuck Community College

Lauralee Pelletier – Undecided

Andrew Perez – Marines

Abigael Peterson – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Gianna Piscitelli – Sacred Heart University

Pedro Prates – University of Connecticut 

Joseph Primerano – State University of New York Polytechnic Institute 

Hannah Pryor – Paul Smith’s College 

Lindsey Reelick – Unknown

Joseph Reilly – Three Rivers Community College

Brenna Ritchie – Marines

Allison Roche – University of New Hampshire

Maxwell Rockhill – Workforce

Courtney Rowland – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Julio Rubbo – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Sean Ruggerio – Workforce

Annalise Rupe – University of Connecticut

Angelo Russo – Workforce

Isabella Sarandrea – Delaware Valley University

Jennie Schwarz – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Haile Sirois – Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Dionie Smith – University College Dublin

Sierra St. George – University of Connecticut

Jennifer-Marie Stocker – University of Connecticut

Christopher Stowell – University of Maine

Matthew Syrotiak – University of Connecticut

Amanda Taddeo – University of New Haven 

Loyola Taylor – Sacred Heart University

Samantha Thompson – Northeastern University

Zachary Thompson – Syracuse University

Carissa Titus – Eckerd College

Ryan Tomkalski – Clemson University

Quinn Turner – Paul Smith’s College

Joshua Tyler – Marines

Christopher Uscilla – Workforce

Marissa Uva – University of New Hampshire 

Greyson Van Wagner – Marines

Christopher Velleca – University of Connecticut

James Vincent – West Virginia University

Chloe Wilkes – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Rylie Wilkes – Southern Connecticut State University

Jacob Wilmot – Gap year

Mitchell Wilson – Marines

Sierra Wilson – Delaware Valley University

Raine Wood – Central Connecticut State University

Maura Yocis – University of Connecticut