Freshman Class Council a Great Opportunity for First-Year Students

Jano Nakhla, Reporter

WOODBURY — As summer vacation came to a close and the new school year began, the Nonnewaug Class of 2025 was given a warm welcome by teachers and upperclassmen. These first months, though, are the best time of year to focus on joining clubs and after-school activities.

Sports teams, art and literary clubs, and academic clubs (such as math and science) are the most popular extracurricular activities amongst the new students looking to become more involved in their school community. 

There is one club in specific, though, that tends to be the most overlooked among freshmen — Freshman Class Council.

Freshman Class Council, like all the school councils, is crucial for funding the class’ future activities that everyone looks forward to. The supervising teachers, Jamie Lisevick and Nicholas Lucatino, explained the goal of the club and why it would be beneficial for freshmen.

“Freshman Class Council is a chance to get together to collaborate and establish leadership and friendship,” Lisevick said. “We plan things such as prom, senior trips, fundraisers. … It’s a chance to work together to solve problems and really tailor your high school career to be what you want it to be.”

Lucatino agreed that the club is a great opportunity.

“It’s a great way to meet new people. Out-of-district people especially would be helped. They’d have the opportunity to meet new people with like minds. Academically, it’s a good thing to add on to your resume,” he elaborated. 

They agreed that the type of person best suited for this club is someone passionate and enthusiastic about making a change in their high school careers.

The students who are a part of the council also had a few things to say about why the club is a worthwhile effort for freshmen.

“I joined because it’s important for our class. It will help us make high school, high school,” Lily Kiernan stated. “I think we’ll definitely learn things like leadership, time management, responsibility.”

“We’ll also learn how to communicate and work together as a team,” Juliana Bailey added.

As of now, there are about nine freshmen actively attending meetings. If you’re aiming to be proactive and directly involved in the community, or if you even just want to accumulate these beneficial life skills, why not give the Freshman Class Council a try and use this opportunity to your advantage?

If you are interested, contact Nicholas Lucatino ([email protected]) or Jamie Lisevick ([email protected]). Meetings are every Monday after school in room B22. You can also follow the class Instagram, @nonnewaugclassof2025.