Plenty of Candy Jackpots for Trick-or-Treating in Woodbury, Bethlehem


Nick Fewings/Unsplash

Nonnewaug students have plenty of suggestions for where trick-or-treaters can find the most candy in Woodbury and Bethlehem.

Ellie Mansfield, Reporter

WOODBURY — Trick-or-treating is an annual event where people of all ages take part, whether it be passing out treats or knocking on people’s doors for candy.

Practically everyone wants to participate. But where would someone go to trick or treat if they didn’t know where to start off? For those who don’t have a plan, here’s a list of places to start off with.

There are quite a few busy streets around this time of year. 

Two Nonnewaug students, Talan Wilkas and Tanya Meghani, suggested Main Street in Woodbury, where houses are close and there’s plenty of candy to go around.

Emma Yakavonis, another NHS student, suggested Main Street South in Bethlehem. She said that there is a handful of houses that pass out goody bags, and it’s overall a worthwhile trip.

Woodlake, suggested by Madison Strubbe, has a lot of houses in a close area, so trick-or-treaters don’t have to walk that far to get a good bundle of sweets.

Other suggestions include Owl Ridge Road in Woodbury because there are many houses close together.

Old Sherman Hill Road, located in Woodbury, has a group of streets close together, such as Hyland Avenue, Orchard Lane, Meadow Avenue, and more. There’s a handful of houses on each of the separate streets, so kids are able to walk away with a good amount of loot.

Hill View Lane in Woodbury has two cul-de-sacs with houses to try. Since it might not be such a popular place to go, there will be more candy to go around for the few that do visit these houses.

There’s also the Long Meadow Pond area in Bethlehem, with a cluster of streets, such as Kasson Avenue, Bethlehem Lane, Lakeview Drive, Ridge Road, and others in that section.

Locals can never go wrong with Trick or Trunk, which is an event where cars with decorated trunks line up in a parking lot as people go along and admire the various cars and trick-or-treaters get candy. Trick or Trunk is located at Hollow Park in Woodbury on Halloween night from 6-7:30 p.m.