A Pajama Pandemic


James Brooks

The pajama pants trend has grown in popularity as students cite comfort as a priority in their learning.

James Brooks, Reporter

WOODBURY — A pajama pandemic has taken Nonnewaug High School by storm as many students are seen wearing pajama pants to school.

Pajama pants are usually worn when going to bed, walking around the house, or just relaxing, but some students are innovating and wearing their pajama pants to school as a substitute for sweatpants or jeans. Students are wearing pajama pants to school for the comfort and the cool look. 

Principal Pam Sordi seems to not have a problem with pajama pants being worn school. 

“The way students dress for school has changed over the years,” Sordi said. “Students have individual preferences about their choice of clothing. It is most important that students dress in a manner that does not disrupt the educational process or pose a health or safety threat.”

In addition to Sordi’s understanding of these trend, students commonly note that if they’re comfortable in class it’s easier for them to learn.

Some students have started wearing pajama pants to school every day. It is commonly thought that if you wear comfortable clothes as opposed to work clothes then you won’t be as productive. Is it possible that the students’ education is being affected by something as unexpected as wearing pajama pants?

“You have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” says New York Times best seller Austin Kleon.

Kleon addresses the fact that if you’re looking like you just woke up and you don’t want to be there then you will most likely feel that way too.

Sordi doesn’t think that wearing pajama pants affects students’ everyday performance.

“I do not think students are necessarily less productive wearing comfortable clothes to school,” she said.