Like It or Not, Classroom Tech Here to Stay


Izzy Rivera

Izzy DiNunzio uses a Chromebook during class.

Izzy Rivera, Reporter

WOODBURY — Technology is the biggest part of everyone’s lives, no doubt. There are many uses for technology: school, work, home life, getting in contact with people, basically everything. But how is technology used in schools? Is technology harmful or helpful to our students and teachers? 

Science teachers use technology all the time in their classes, most noticeably with Gizmos. 

“I think it’s helpful to keep things organized in Google Classroom; I think it’s a positive,” said Toby Denman, one of Nonnewaug’s science teachers. “Especially after these past few years, I’ve given my students the option of doing something electronically or paper-and-pencil, just because I know some people are burnt out with using Chromebooks.” 

Kiera Szumigala, a sophomore at Nonnewaug thinks technology is beneficial. She said that she feels that technology is helpful in the school environment because she finds it easier to use than having to write everything down for every class.

There are benefits and some harms, but school technology will not be going anywhere and will continue to grow.