Welcoming Nonnewaug’s Recent Additions


Autumn Johnson

Mrs. Green has coordinated visits with colleges from across the country this fall.

Autumn Johnson, Reporter

WOODBURY — School came back in full swing Sept. 7, welcoming many new students as well as new staff members into the Tribe for the 2021-22 school year. 

Mr. Garrett Boisvert – English Department

Garrett Boisvert joined the Chiefs’ English department this year working with mostly freshmen, but also has other grades scattered throughout his day. Boisvert said he’s felt supported as a new staff member. 

“I think a lot of students might not recognize how important the folks running things behind the scenes are to even little moments in your classes being enjoyable. Make sure you treat them with the respect they deserve,” said Boisvert in regard to how students treat staff members.   

Boisvert can not wait for the awkward beginning-of-school barriers to come down in his classes and to finally connect with his students.

“I’m really looking forward to that one moment in a class where everybody in the room is laughing,” he said.

Boisvert did not attend Nonnewaug for his high school career, but attended Southington High amongst thousands of other students.

Ms. Lauren Buchta – Counseling Department 

Lauren Buchta is one of the new school counselors here at Nonnewaug, and her responsibilities are far-ranging.

“I help students achieve academic success, develop personal and social skills, and plan for post-secondary options (higher education, military, work force),” Buchta said. “I’m available in the school counseling office for students if they need help navigating a difficult personal, social, or academic situation.” 

Buchta looks forward to meeting all of her students this school year, and getting to know each of them. The school’s pride and overall environment has made her feel welcomed into our school community.

“Everyone has been very warm and welcoming, both students and staff,” she said. “The top things that have made me feel comfortable here are the smiling eyes behind masks, the respect people show one another, and the school pride.” 

Buchta said she wished she had joined our agriscience program for greenhouse, or landscaping during her high school years.

Ms. Helen Sperry – Math Interventionist 

Helen Sperry is Nonnewaug’s new math interventionist, and she felt the family right from the start. She said that everyone has been so kind, and has been a welcome blessing. Sperry is looking forward to helping students feel confident, while reaching for their full potential and overall success. 

Sperry hopes to make a true difference in students’ mindset of math in a positive way. Sperry was a former teacher at Sacred Heart High School until the school’s recent closing. 

She enjoys riding her stationary bike using VR goggles — she has ridden in six continents so far. She also enjoys painting and drawing.

Ms. Julie Heller – Literacy Coach 

Julie Heller is Nonnewaug’s new literacy coach. She will work with other teachers, adding literacy skills and strategy, as well as teaches a literacy seminar class.

Heller feels welcomed into Nonnewaug by the very friendly, receptive, inviting environment which the school presents. Heller hopes to spend as much time working with different teachers as possible as well as to help everyone achieve their goals in the literacy areas and bring new titles to the school. Heller reads a lot, and has chickens, bees, and dogs at home.

Ms. Kathy Green – CCRC Counselor

Former Nonnewaug staff member Kathy Green makes a return in the 2021-22 school year. Located in the CCRC (College and Career Resource Center), she will become juniors’ and seniors’ best friend in the college process. 

Green is a complement to the school counselors, but is more focused on post-secondary planning. She loves having students in the CCRC for college visits, as well as the collaboration and the support that she sees between the students.

Green feels accepted back to Nonnewaug this school year with all of the welcome-back comments from all the students and teachers. She wants students to know that the CCRC is a place for students who are on the track to college, and students that have no plan yet could go. 

Green has a son of her own going through the same college process, so she is living through this in her personal life. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, gardening, and spending time with her dog.  Green attended UConn and Central Connecticut State University.