Agriscience Courses: Students Laud Flexibility and Options


Michael Lavoie

Students from the junior/senior veterinary class take on hands-on experiences in the veterinary field.

Bianca Gracia , Ag/FFA Reporter

WOODBURY — The Woodbury FFA is based at Nonnewaug, and students have many different classes to pick from. But are the classes students wanted to take freshman year the same as their interests now? Fortunately, the NHS agriscience program can addresses this with its versatility and wide-ranging course options. 

As a result of COVID disruptions, students have had time to reconsider their focus and future career options.  

The Chief Advocate sent a Google Form to students, asking them what courses they had wanted to take when they first came to Nonnewaug versus what courses they desire now.  

When sophomore Vicky Koether first came to Nonnewaug, she planned to be a veterinarian. Nothing has changed for her.

I came to Nonnewaug wanting to be a veterinarian and still do,” Koether said. “Nonnewaug helped me find more of a passion in being a veterinarian but also expanded my horizons.” 

Ashley Jenkins shared a similar sentiment. 

“I wanted to take aquaculture, so I took the class,” Jenkins added, knowing her future career aspirations at an early age. 

Jamie Paige, a junior, started off taking vet science, and she thought of being a zoologist. However, she switched courses and her interests changed, as well.

“I have switched to liking plants more and studying plants in the greenhouses,” Paige said. 

Likewise, Leah Quijano started at the Woodbury FFA by taking vet science. However, she also switched courses. 

“I am now in landscaping. I took veterinary science and didn’t really like it,” Quijano said. 

On the contrary, while some students do have the same ideas of when they first arrived at Nonnewaug, there are some who realized they wanted a change after taking their first few classes. They realized going through the courses here that they have more options to work with than when they had started.  

Alyssa Kuskowski came to the Woodbury FFA with an interest in natural resources. 

I really enjoy the natural resources class, and I’m even on the forestry team,” Kuskoswki said. “My focus has been narrowed a bit into entomology.”

Juliann Noyd entered with a passion for taking courses in veterinary science and natural resources. However, Noyd changed paths. 

“I’m taking floriculture classes now and am planning on continuing with flora throughout my time here,” Noyd added.  

Other students, like Rachael Gagne, don’t plan on going into the agricultural field anymore. 

“I don’t think I am going to go into the agriculture industry after high school. I would like to go into the visual arts instead,” Gagne said.