Celebrity Drama: Interesting to Some, Waste of Time for Others

Megi Gorka, Reporter

WOODBURY — Some people can’t get enough of celebrity gossip, while some don’t even care for it. There is always drama about famous people, whether you’re seeing it on TMZ, E! News or People magazine, it’s there. Celebrity gossip satisfies a human instinct: the more gossip, the better. 

Students share their thoughts on the drama we see from celebrities. 

“There is some drama that I find interesting, because it is funny to see how celebrities are real people just like us, and have their own lives,” said Zoie Cole, a Nonnewaug junior. “They get into arguments with each other and get mad over stupid things. It makes me realize that they are not different from us at all, they are just perceived differently because of their social status.”

Star Magazine writes about the most interesting gossip from celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s brutal divorce in 2016. (Star Magazine Photography Staff)

“I think people like reading about gossip because it gives an inside look on what a celebrity’s life is like,” said Rachael Hungerford, a junior. “People can read about the drama going on with the people we idolize. It’s like a TV show, people might find it as a form of entertainment.”

For some, reading about celebrity drama is enjoyable; they are always looking for the next gossip article. Other individuals don’t see the purpose in reading celebrity gossip. Whether you care for it or not, it is likely that you will hear about it somewhere. After all, it is human behavior to know what is going on with everyone’s lives.

“I personally think celebrity drama is a distraction,” said Christine Gorton, a senior at NHS. “It distracts people from their own lives, and problems they may be facing. Celebrity gossip can also be very negative, the news and reporters are always shaming somebody.”