Four-Day School Week Would Be Great … Or Would It?


Scott Meyer

Nonnewaug library media specialist Maureen Vint is among those who would support a four-day school week, but there are both pros and cons to the idea.

Scott Meyer, Reporter

WOODBURY — There are a lot of pros and cons about moving to a four-day school week. It could be beneficial to some and not beneficial to others.

There are many pros to a four-day week, like happier students and employees, fewer absences, and an increase in productivity levels. There are many cons to it, as well.

“I think that would be really beneficial because we would be more rested when we come back to work,” Nonnewaug library media specialist Maureen Vint said. “I love long weekends and I just feel more invigorated. My mind gets a chance to rest.”  

Talan Wilkas, a sophomore at NHS, agreed with Vint.

“I think it would be beneficial to me personally because it gives me more of a break from school and some time to rest and not stress,” Wilkas said.

Nonnewaug seniors are busy with out-of-school activities and could benefit from an extra day off.

“As someone who works, having an extra day off would be nice, but I think I would rather get out earlier in the school year rather than making up for that lost time,” Evan Bodie said.

According to BBC News, a four-day workweek study in Iceland was called an “overwhelming success,” leading to many people changing their work hours from 40 to 36 or 35 hours while earning the same wages.

Wilkas said students could benefit in other ways.

“I could also focus on mental health more and maybe get more homework done,” Wilkas said.

However, Wilkas acknowledged that a four-day week wouldn’t be a perfect world. 

“It would not be beneficial because it could get me off schedule with school, and I usually get stressed after long weekends about going back to school,” she said.

Freshman J.J. Lingley agreed that there would be positives and negatives to a change.

“A four-day week would be beneficial because it gives us a break from school and would make us better workers at school because we would have more time out of school, and that could relieve stress,” Lingley said. “It would not be beneficial because we would be home a lot and lack some important lessons due to less time in school.”