Beautiful Art, 31 Awards Later

Saghir, Boria Lead Nonnewaug’s Award-Winning Artists


Amelia Saghir

Amelia Saghir’s painting, “End of the Road,” depicts the theme of decay as art. The piece helped her win a gold medal at the 2021 Scholastic Art Awards.

Melanie Boria, Reporter

WOODBURY — “Decay is something that would normally gross people out and turn them away, but through art it’s made beautiful,” Nonnewaug senior artist Amelia Saghir says, reflecting on her award-winning art portfolio. “I think it’s cool that art can transform something like that into a masterpiece.”

The winners of the 2021 Scholastic Art Awards competition were announced to the school Jan. 10. A total of 31 awards were given to the seniors of Nonnewuag.

“Everyone did really well, and after the awards from the competition came out it was cool to see the outcomes of all our hard work,” stated Saghir.

Saghir’s art portfolio was based on decay, something the average person might not think of as appealing. Her effort made for beautiful art.

“The piece that I think represents my portfolio the best is probably the most dramatic one, but also my favorite, and it’s End Of The Road, or my roadkill painting,” said the Gold Key winner. “It’s more intense than the rest of them, so it brings out the message of the portfolio more clearly.”

Saghir won an honorable mention for her piece titled Dunnewood Merlot, gold keys for her pieces titled Left Behind and School’s Out, and a gold medal for her portfolio.

Elise Boria, another senior, created her portfolio on the basis of the unachievable standards of the world and fitting in. 

“My inspiration was my own life and what I see around me. The world demands an unachievable standard, and I wanted to represent the process of changing yourself to fit in,” said Boria. “I think my drawing titled All Wrapped Up best represents my portfolio because it expresses how some people may change themselves to become more ‘palatable.’ This connects back to my concentration topic of how people change themselves to fit in.”

Elise won one honorable mention for All Wrapped Up, a silver key for her piece titled What Do You Desire?, and a silver medal for her portfolio.

As for future AP Art students, the winners both suggest starting the planning process as early as possible for a well thought out and cohesive portfolio.