Morgan Wallen Comes Back After Scandal


Country singer Morgan Wallen is rebounding after experiencing a controversy involving his use of a racial slur in February 2020.

Samantha Conti, Senior Editor and Sports Editor

Morgan Wallen’s issues in 2021 weren’t just “Somebody’s Problem” — his racial slur controversy dumped more than a “Little Rain” on his promising career. But his fans stuck by him, and now the “Only Thing That’s Gone” is the limit to the success he will have next year.

Wallen, a country singer, is very popular across social media and in the music industry. The star has hit many milestones throughout his career. He recently received the Best Selling Album of 2021, according to Hits Daily Double, as well as receiving 1.9 billion streams and 28.4 million listeners on Spotify alone. 

The singer/songwriter experienced a major controversy in February 2021 when a video of him visibly intoxicated saying a racial slur was posted to the internet. His major mistake left many fans disappointed and angry. 

As soon as Wallen saw the video posted, he apologized immediately. He went on many social media platforms explaining how wrong he was and how he would accept all and any repercussions for his actions. 

The star posted a video via Instagram apologizing and explaining how he was going to make it up to everyone. 

“I accepted some invitations from some amazing Black organizations, some executives and leaders, to engage in some very real and honest conversations,” said Wallen. “They had every right to step on my neck … to not show me any grace, but they did the exact opposite. They offered me grace and also paired that with an offer to learn and grow.” 

The internet, fans and even other stars had a lot to say about the video. Many fans were left shocked and upset by his actions and did not hold back their feelings on Wallen. 

“Isn’t that the get outta jail free card? The chances he’s been given would never be given to a woman and then he has the audacity to speak this way! Country music, do better,” tweeted country singer Leah Turner in response to a TMZ article posted on Wallen’s scandal. 

Wallen faced many consequences following his incident including his record label suspending him temporarily, hundreds of radio stations dropping him from their rotations, and having to cancel his tour.  

Wallen has rebuilt his name by taking time to work on himself and ultimately become the best version of himself.  

“He lost all of his sponsors overnight and a lot of money. I think that his efforts to apologize and better himself worked,” said Mallory Tomkalski, a Nonnewaug junior and huge fan of Wallen.   

The internet temporarily “canceled” him, which clearly did him good. Wallen took the time to help correct his mistakes. Although the star’s actions will never be forgotten, the country singer still has a long career ahead of him. 

The question of whether his efforts to redeem himself worked is still not fully answered. 

“He put out a public apology which was very sincere, [and it] was sincere enough to earn my respect back for his music,” said Eli Brochu, Nonnewaug junior and avid listener of Wallen.

As far as Wallen’s comeback many have forgiven him but will never forget. 

“If you look at the support from his fans I think it makes it clear that people have forgiven him,” said Tomkalski.

Recently Wallen’s music has been bouncing off the charts. His new Dangerous album gained a lot of popularity last year and earned him three Billboard Music Awards despite him not being able to attend or perform at the event. The three awards he won were top country artist, top country male artist, and top country album.