ZAB Services Here for Your Salting and Shoveling Needs


Zack Hellwinkle

Founders of ZAB Services from the right: Zack Hellwinkle, Andrew Greene and Ben Shea after a job well done shoveling and salting walkways and driveways around the community.

Sophie Pape, Campus Community Reporter

WOODBURY — “Salting is an easy side hustle, hearing that is what got us to start ZAB services,” said Zack Hellwinkle, junior at Nonnewaug and one of the founders of ZAB services. “We got the idea from TikTok, Andrew sent it to me and the idea went off from there.” 

Hellwinkle, along with fellow juniors Ben Shea and Andrew Greene, found that salting and shoveling walkways and driveways to make some cash in the winter season would be very beneficial. Between playing sports and attending school, Hellwinkle, Shea and Greene found that getting a traditional job is difficult. 

“We wanted to make money, that’s the plain and simple answer,” said Hellwinkle.

The business started this year. This is the first winter season for ZAB and so far they have been successful with the first few snows of the season. 

 To get themselves out there, ZAB has been advertising around the town and school and with flyers. ZAB also has an Instagram page where they have been using to connect with potential customers.  

 “The community has been helpful towards us, they let us get our flyers out there. We have had calls from people that have seen the flyers around town,” said Hellwinkle.

Getting customers for ZAB hasn’t been too difficult.

“We are doing well,” Hellwinkle said. “We have had 12 customers so far and have been called up many times in the first three snows and we are hoping to keep growing. We’re expecting to do this again next year, but not sure after that with college.”

Customer of ZAB Services and longtime friend Carley Shook, junior at Nonnewaug, approved of their work.

“They did a great job; they even shoveled extra on my walkway,” Shook said. “They are all very energetic, funny, hardworking, and determined people. I’ve known them forever and I was very impressed by their work.”

ZAB Services fliers used to advertise the small business. It shows their prices, services and number where you can call to have them come salt and shovel your snow. (Zack Hellwinkle)