GradNite Fundraisers Make Post-Graduation Party Possible


Nonnewaug GradNite

GradNite is a post-graduation party for Nonnewaug seniors, and it only happens through year-long fundraising efforts.

Melanie Boria, Reporter

WOODBURY — With just a few months until graduation, the GradNite team is hard at work starting fundraisers and crafting the night. From exciting raffles, to connecting celebrations, to great food, the seniors of Nonnewaug are sure to have a good time. 

But what is GradNite? Christine Paige, Nonnewaug GradNite committee chairperson, defines it as “a graduation celebration for the senior class the night of their graduation to enjoy their last night together. … GradNite started in 1998 to have a safe place for the seniors to gather together to celebrate, rather than out drinking and driving.” 

Since 1998, similar events have taken off at high schools all around the country and have shown to be incredibly successful each time.

“The seniors have a blast and always leave saying they were surprised how much more the night was than they expected, even the seniors that were hesitant to attend,” stated Paige. “The night is most successful when we have enough volunteers to make it the best celebration we can for our graduates!”

In addition to the partying, the night also offers raffle prizes to win items useful to college life, such as TVs, iPads, Apple Watches, FitBits, AirPods, Beats headphones, dorm fridges, microwaves, Hydro Flasks, and a variety of gift cards and other donated items. To earn extra tickets in the meantime, students of all grades can attend meetings or help out with fundraisers.

“Students can help with participating in the fundraisers, spreading the word on social media, volunteering to help with fundraisers, attending a meeting and having parents join our planning meetings, [and] asking for donations from employers or area businesses,” stated Paige.

Fundraisers are going on constantly and are the best way to get involved and give your seniors a memorable experience.

“We have the Villarina’s Pasta sale now until April 4, [the] Spring Clothing Drive on April 30, restaurant percentage nights at Chipotle, Panera and others in May, a bake sale on May 21, the collection of LaBonne’s receipts, Pampered Chef online fundraiser, sale of tractor mugs, and more to come,” mentioned Paige.

For more information on GradNite and its fundraisers, visit the group’s website.