Students See Similarities Between Nonnewaug, Euphoria



Euphoria is a popular TV show among Nonnewaug students because many of them can relate to the themes in the show.

Izzy DiNunzio, Junior Editor

WOODBURY — Drugs, glitter, and toxic high school relationships aren’t the only things Euphoria is about. The show based on high school students, has broad diversity and representation, and it has caught the eye of Nonnewaug students. 

Rue Bennett, the show’s main character, struggles deeply with drug abuse and mental health. Euphoria follows her journey from overdosing, relapsing, and trying to stay sober. 

Euphoria portrays a scene similar to the one some students Nonnewaug high school experience. 

“Euphoria is similar to my high school experience because of the struggle with mental health,” said one Nonnewaug student who anonymously replied to a survey on the Chief Advocate’s Instagram page. 

In the United States, drug abuse in teens is common and deadly. According to The Recovery Village, teen alcohol abuse is guilty of 4,300 deaths each year. Also, 10% of students misuse some type of prescription drug. 

Not only is the show focused on teenage drug abuse, but it is also focused on teenage relationships, which almost everybody encounters during high school. Euphoria shows that in an abusive relationship, it’s not easy to get out. 

The show does not lack representation, either. It covers being transgender in high school and its struggles, drug abuse, bullying, body image issues, self-harm, and LGBTQ relationships. The survey on the Chief Advocate shows that students relate to these issues. 

Euphoria is anything but light, covering sensitive issues — the show is not for everyone.