Thomaston Girls’ Run to the Sun Draws Support from BL Teams


Courtesy of @thomastonbasketball/Instagram

The Thomaston girls basketball team won the Class S state championship March 19 by defeating Coventry at Mohegan Sun Arena.

Samantha Conti, Senior Editor and Sports Editor

The Berkshire League has produced lifelong friendships and supporters on and off the court or field. All the teams love to support and cheer for BL teams in the state tournament. 

This year, Thomaston crawled their way through the state tournament bracket and headed to Mohegan Sun for the Class S state finals after defeating Bolton on March 14. The Golden Bears defeated Coventry on March 19, claiming the state title. 

Thomaston has not had an easy ride to the top. The Bears clinched the BL season title, but they suffered an upset loss in the semifinals of the BL tournament against Gilbert.

Thomaston winning the state tournament puts the BL on the map and further credits it as a more competitive league. Once the Berkshire League regular-season and tournament games are over, it’s on to the state tournament. 

Throughout their state tournament journey, the team had support all throughout the Berkshire League. 

“Supporting Thomaston was important because we all knew that they had a great chance at winning the state title and I knew they all wanted it so badly,” said Maddie Topa, a Northwestern girls basketball standout. “I tried to support them as best as possible so they know that they have a lot of support going into the game.”

During states, typically the BL supports BL teams aside from when and if they have to play another BL team. This season, that happened twice.

In the state tournament the Highlanders and Bears had an opportunity for revenge and went into their games with vengeance. 

Nonnewaug, after having a 2-0 record against Northwestern during the regular season, had to face off with the Highlanders again in the state tournament. The game came down to the final seconds, but the Chiefs could not come out on top. 

After losing to Gilbert in the BL semis, Thomaston was excited to play them again in the Class S quarterfinals. In their second game of the tournament, the Bears defeated Gilbert and ended their 2022 season. The Golden Bears’ story continued and landed them the championship title. 

Going into the state final, Thomaston had loads of support from not only Northwestern but from the whole league. Cody Dzis, who runs the BL Rundown on Instagram and YouTube, plastered his accounts with posts before and after the game congratulating and supporting the Bears through everything. 

Thomaston was representing the whole league as they were the only team to advance this far in the tournament this year. Everyone was excited to help and watch. Topa and Housatonic’s Sydney Segalla practiced with Thomaston to prepare them. 

“Practicing with them was a great experience for me. As soon as I got asked to help out, it was an automatic yes. I knew they all wanted it so badly and I’m glad I was able to be there and practice with them,” said Topa. 

The BL has not only produced friendships among other schools but even within each school. At the start of this year, Thomaston was left without Emma Kahn, their All-State senior last year, and Sydney Eggleton, their All-State junior who transferred to a prep school. Even without their presence, Thomaston still reached its goal of conquering the state tournament title. 

“Personally, they both had a very big impact on me on and off the court and will forever be two of my favorite teammates and people,” Thomaston sophomore Nicole Decker said. “That being said, going into this season our senior captains, Emma Sanson and Aurelia Barker, really stepped into the captain’s shoes and helped us get to our goal, Mohegan Sun.”