Will There Be a 2022 MLB Season?

Ben Stewart, Sports Reporter

WOODBURY – Spring training games in Major League Baseball will not start on time in 2022. The MLB confirmed on Feb. 18 that the preseason games, which were supposed to start on Feb. 26, were postponed until Thursday, March 17th. What was the explanation for this? The lockout of MLB owners.

The MLB team owners began the lockout of major league players on Dec. 2 2021; soon after the last collective bargaining agreement between the MLB owners and the players ended on Dec. 1 while the two sides negotiated a new agreement. The relationship between the two has been nothing short of bitter. 

All baseball operations were halted until Friday, March 11th, and owners had the power to physically lock out players from their facilities. The only business that took place at this time of year is contract discussions and players working out, so shutting down all of that activity is intended to put pressure on the union to speed up CBA negotiations.

“It would be strange without a season,” junior Ryan Ponte said. “I’ve spent my entire childhood watching baseball and playing baseball. It would be a terrible thing if I couldn’t go to a baseball game this year; it’s one of my favorite things to do this time of year.”

The most significant changes to last week’s agreement include an increase in minimum salary, increased postseason that now includes 12 teams, and the institution of a pitch clock. 

“The lockout is a difficult concept to comprehend,” Ponte noted. “This has happened in the past, but not to the extent that it has lately. This puts us at risk of having a limited season or no season at all, and I can’t imagine not being able to watch the MLB this year.”

For fans like Ponte, we will get a full season of MLB baseball. I know that I am not the only one that thinks having games from the regular season canceled, or even delayed is appalling. Fortunately, these were avoided. Considering that it was possible to not have baseball this season is an unpleasant thought for Americans in 2022. Could you imagine a spring without the MLB? Again, we’re fortunate we avoided this potential season-ending catastrophe. 

Baseball could afford to lose even more ground to other sports like the NFL and NBA. Losing the 2022 season would render baseball obsolete. 

The MLB season has always been a unique experience: there is nothing else like it. Going to a live Major League Baseball game is an experience you will never forget. Baseball symbolizes so much of American culture and emotion that it would have been horrible if it did not happen this year.