94th Academy Awards: Best and Worst Moments

Megi Gorka, Reporter

WOODBURY — The Academy Award ceremony is the most important night in Hollywood. It showcases an actor’s best work. On March 27, the 94th Academy Awards were held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Although the red carpet was amazing, the show had moments that were questionable and absolutely embarrassing. In case you missed the ceremony, here is the Oscars rundown.

Will Smith & Chris Rock Slap

Everyone is talking about when Oscar nominee Will Smith marched on stage and slapped comedian, Chris Rock. Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, is diagnosed with alopecia, a hair loss condition. Halfway through the Oscars show, Rock, a presenter, made a joke regarding Jada and her illness.

That’s when Will Smith got on stage and slapped Rock. Thirty minutes later, Smith won an Oscar for Best Actor. Smith later apologized for his actions. According to CNN, Rock is not pressing charges against Smith. Many think the slap was fake, some feel bad for Rock, and others congratulated Smith for his action. Although Rock was busy wiping his tears, Smith was seen at the Vanity Fair afterparty, dancing and having fun. It’s safe to say that this was a memorable night for Will Smith. 

“I do think that the slap was somewhat deserved, especially considering that Jada is diagnosed with alopecia. The joke was not only rude to her but also inconsiderate to everyone who struggles with that condition,” said Zoie Cole, junior. “On the other hand, it was also an awkward moment for Will Smith. It’s going to have a huge impact on Smith’s reputation, not only with fans but also with other celebrities. With so many variables moving around, it’s impossible to side entirely with one person without ignoring parts of the other argument.”


There is no greater event to highlight a designer’s work than Oscar night. Throughout the red carpet, there were a series of fashionable looks that did not disappoint. However, some did not live up to their expectations. From bold, sophisticated, and playful: Here are the best and worst dressed for the Oscars. 

Best Dressed

Black was one of the most popular colors worn by celebrities at the Academy Awards. It’s no surprise that the timeless classic stole the show. Timothée Chalamet won over fans’ hearts with his sequined black suit designed by Louis Vuitton. Chalamet wasn’t the only star who left us speechless. 

Zendaya had us in love with her outfit. Wearing the iconic Valentino, Zendaya displays a silk white top along with a sparkly light silver skirt, resembling elegance and sophistication, perfect for the Oscars. 

“My favorite look from the Oscars was definitely Zendaya,” said Sophia Dmitriyeva, junior. “She looked absolutely stunning and I would love to wear her outfit.”

Worst Dressed

The Academy Awards red carpet is known for elegance and grace. Some stars did not meet this requirement. Billie Eilish’s style is one of a kind. While her edgy looks are unique, fans were not pleased with her Oscars attire. Eilish arrives in a black ruffled gown by Gucci. The gown did not resemble anything elegant and instead looked like a mop. It is safe to say that this look was a flop.

Renate Reinsve displayed a black and white goth dress by Louis Vuitton. Her outfit was perfect for a Halloween party, but an embarrassment for the Oscars.