Easter 2022: Chiefs Celebrate Holiday to End Spring Break


Madelynn Orosz

Ag/FFA editor Madelynn Orosz dressed up her rabbit, Harlow, for Easter complete with his very own bow tie. Rabbits have become a symbol of Easter in modern day.

Madelynn Orosz, Ag/FFA Editor

WOODBURY- Happy Easter! You go back to school tomorrow! A common phrase told by many family members last night as Easter celebrations concluded. NHS students and staff as well as their families celebrate this holiday differently. Let’s take a look at how members of our school community celebrated. 

 Many members of the NHS community do not celebrate the Christian aspects of the holiday and instead focus on the mainstream concepts. “My brother and I had a little Easter egg hunt and we just did that,” said Gracie LeHay. “We don’t really celebrate.”. 

“I don’t celebrate [Easter] so we cherry-pick the fun stuff of each holiday,” said Mr.
Michael Sturges, NHS history teacher. “We made my daughter an Easter egg hunt and she had fun.” 

Some members of the NHS community, however, are religious and celebrate the Christian aspect of the holiday. “I went to church with my family friend,” said Ryan Wicklund. 

“Every time I go to church it gives me a good feeling so it was good to go during Easter. It’s something different when you see the entire congregation there,” added Wicklund. “I did some work with my dad siding my house and then I had dinner at my aunt’s.”

Some NHS students were unable to attend religious services due to working for their SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience). “I didn’t have time to go to church because I had to work but I prayed,” said Nick Saccamoti. “My family came down and we said grace before we ate dinner and had a good time.” 

Family was an important part of the holiday. 

“We had some people over, my cousin came over with her kids and my brother came over,” said Katy Aseltine, NHS English Teacher. 

“We had family over, I made ham and kielbasa,” said Officer O’Toole. “We gave my kids Easter baskets and got them sneakers.”

Easter egg hunts are an important tradition, and it is great to have even high schoolers and their families still participate. (New Haven Register )

What was common among everyone- Easter egg hunts.

“I hung out with my family and had dinner. I got candy for Easter, I loved the chocolate I got,” said Shaun Wochek. 

“I got my son an Easter basket and he got a toy firetruck,” said Aseltine. “It was the first time he was obsessed with candy so we did an Easter egg hunt as well.”

Overall, Easter treated the stomachs of NHS very well with a variety of delicious ham, ravioli, pierogies, and candy. As school starts up again, everyone was given a sugar-filled boost to finish out the rest of the school year.