Harris Goes Beyond for Many Students


Louis Williamson

Special education teacher Renee Harris is considered by students to be one of the most helpful teachers at Nonnewaug.

Jason Eyring, Reporter

WOODBURY — Renee Harris is a special education teacher at Nonnewaug High School. Harris chose to be a special education teacher after her younger brother did not get the support he needed when he was in school.

“My younger brother was in special education and didn’t get the support he needed, so I wanted to make sure other people can,” Harris said.

She has been teaching for years and really enjoys it. Harris wanted to become a teacher after being a paraprofessional for a long time.

Harris enjoys reading and will often challenge herself. She has joined a book club and is currently doing an A to Z Challenge in which she reads a book with title that starts with A, then B, then C, and so on.

Harris has helped many students, including sophomore Grace Lafferty.

“She gets me to do my work and helps me stay on task,” said Lafferty. “The way she teaches and her personality, it’s really nice. She teaches nice and organized. I like that.”

Harris has guided many students to success during the school year and will often help students go beyond what is required.