The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Coachella Comeback

Megi Gorka, Reporter

After two years of a Coachella break, the festival made its long awaited return. Fans were incredibly excited as they watched live performances, and saw returning celebrities at the event. However, most Coachella fashion looks disappointed and did not live up to their expectations.

Coachella is known for boho-aesthetic, colorful and bold outfits and celebrities usually followed this theme throughout the event. Popular business woman, Kylie Jenner, is known for her iconic outfits at past Coachella events. Her playful outfits displayed along with bright hair colors set the bar high for other stars. 

“I feel like this year for Coachella was kind of underwhelming,” says Emily Crawford, a junior. “I really liked all of Emma Chamberlain’s outfits. I think they suited her well at the event. Although he was just a performer, I loved Harry Styles’ look during his performance. I loved the colors and thought it was perfect for Coachella.”

This year, most celebrities arrived wearing very basic and minimal outfits, a look that no one should strive for, especially at Coachella. Fans were extremely disappointed to see the lack of creativity that stars displayed. 

“Fashion over time has become a lot more simple and more neutral toned,” said Rachael Hungerford, a junior. “A lot of bright colors have gone out of style so nothing stands out anymore. I think this is having a really big impact on Coachella because everyone is wearing the same thing. Before, everyone used to create their own outfits and not follow a template.”

While some celebrities did not shine, Harry Styles’ outfit was fabulous as always. Styles’ enthusiasm left fans speechless after his performance. Styles took the stage in a stylish short sleeve, rainbow sequined jumpsuit, by Gucci. His outfit was perfect for the event, playful and majestic. 

While another year of Coachella has nearly come and gone, hopefully the 24th next year comes with less disappointments and better style overall.