Drive Safe, Follow the Signs


Alyssa DeMarest

Nonnewaug has been working to make the school grounds safer for students, staff, and drivers. Speed bumps and signs can be spotted throughout the school for the purpose of keeping everyone safe.

Alyssa DeMarest, Reporter

WOODBURY — Nonnewaug High School has been busy ensuring safety on the school grounds. The first installment of safety features involved adding a radar speed sign in the back of the school. These were soon followed by more speed bumps being added to the school.

With all of these features being added to keep students safe on school grounds, one problem has seemed to slip under the radar: going the right way.

Nonnewaug is set up where the front of the school is a two-way driveway, while the back of the school is only one way. Even with a sign posted to prevent people from driving the wrong way, it’s still been done. This begs the question, does more need to be done to keep drivers safe at Nonnewaug?

School resource officer O’Toole was able to recall one incident that administration dealt with immediately. 

“Hopefully, this will not happen again,” expressed O’Toole.

Driving isn’t just a Nonnewaug issue, incidents can happen anywhere. O’Toole recognized that this issue is much larger than just the school.

“Other than signage, there is not much more the school can do to prevent this,” O’Toole explained. “I am sure you have seen many wrong-way signs driving around. Most of these signs are posted at the bottom of highway exits, but unfortunately drivers still get on to the highways the wrong way.”

Moral of the story: Please drive the right way. 

“Police and other drivers rely on drivers to obey the posted signs (wrong way, speed limit, etc.) whether on school grounds or on the roadways to keep us all safe,” O’Toole said.