Junior Scam: Seniors Bringing Underclassmen To Prom


James Brooks

These simple prom forms have sparked controversy amongst upperclassmen in the past few week due to juniors not being allowed to bring guests.

James Brooks, Reporter

WOODBURY — The end of the school year is nearing, and so is prom. Most seniors and juniors look forward to prom for a long time. Prom is especially special to seniors; they are finally done with high school, they are the oldest members of the school, and they feel like the prom is specifically for them.

This year at Nonnewaug, juniors are allowed to go to prom, yet they can’t bring a plus-one.

Seniors and upperclassmen look down on younger grades much like younger siblings. Underclassmen are seen as annoying and unwanted by seniors, so when people found out that juniors were claiming to be seniors or asking their senior friends to get passes to bring a date to prom, people were not happy. 

Max Wolff, a junior, has taken an approach similar to those. He is having a senior bring his date to the prom.

“The seniors were super helpful and inviting. They just want everyone to have a fun time,” Wolff said.  

Seniors had different qualifications on if they would take a junior’s date for them.

“It’s fine as long as they are my friends and I know them,” said Sarah Ruiz, a senior bringing a guest for a junior.  

Many seniors are welcoming towards their junior friends and helping them enjoy the night. Juniors are very thankful for the opportunity they are being provided. 

“It’s helpful to be close with the seniors obviously, but even for those who aren’t, the seniors are willing to help out. I think juniors definitely deserve to go to prom and bring dates, but I understand the reasoning behind the rules they’ve made this year,” Wolff added. “I think the administration is aware this is happening, and they aren’t too worried. They are putting juniors’ and seniors’ enjoyment as a first priority. I’m super fortunate I was able to find somebody to help me bring my date and I am looking forward to prom.” 

On the contrary, some seniors think juniors are just taking up spots that the seniors deserve and are crowding the place. This is due to the current senior class not being able to attend the 2021 prom during their junior year due to COVID restrictions. 

“I don’t mind that juniors go; they deserve a prom as upperclassmen,” said senior Reilly Faraci. “I like that only seniors are able to bring guests. This allows the seniors to feel more important and give them ‘upperclassmen privilege’ for the night.”

Although most seniors look down on the other classes, some seniors are excited that juniors are going. Some have younger friends that they look forward to seeing at prom. 

“I am excited for prom,” says senior Christian Favale. “I think seniors and juniors should be able to go and bring a date with them.” 

Overall, the 2022 prom will certainly be one of controversy, but hopefully one of good times, friendship, and fun.