Singing, Dancing, and Comedy at the Annual Talent Show


Genieva Pawlowski

Participants waiting for placing were all given flowers and asked to stand on the stage. Vice-Principal Taryn Fernandez (one of the judges), expressed her pride in the tribe.

Genieva Pawlowski, Reporter

WOODBURY — Many were on hand for a night of singing and dancing at Nonnewaug on April 22. Students performed first with a brief intermission for the staff to fool the audience with a game of “Guess the Staff.” Nonnewaug students got in for free, while families who wanted to attend needed $5 to get in.

The Performances

Many NHS students were up on stage showing their talents; here is a rundown of what was shown.

“[There were] many very impressive piano performances that I saw in the auditions/practices,” said Jamie Lisevick, a math teacher at NHS, who is in charge of the talent show. “Some [were] singing and playing piano pieces for their acts as well.”

Lisevick contemplated joining in on the fun with an act from herself, but she decided to leave it up to the eight or 10 performers.

“I was surprised by the number of comedy acts this year,” Lisevick said.

When you hear “talent show,” you think of singing, dancing, or instrument playing. Many shows like these have little to no comedy acts. The students were excited about the comedy acts taking place on Friday.

An audience filled of participating Kahoot players guessing “who’s that teacher?” during the annual talent show. (Genieva Pawlowski)


“’Hotel California’ played on guitar was my favorite performance,” said Jamie Paige, a junior at NHS. “It’s one of my favorite songs.” 

Students performed many songs from numerous artists including songs they made themselves.

“My favorite performance was Madelyn playing her song. I also enjoyed Brandon and Jeff playing their guitars,” said Nora Galvin, a junior performer at the talent show.

Galvin put on a beautiful performance singing and playing her ukulele to Billie Eyelish’s ‘Party Favor.’

“It is just a fun thing to do [participating in the show],” says Galvin. “It’s fun to watch the other performers.”

The audience enjoyed the action-packed Kahoot game to guess which teacher was showing their talent. A clip was played from each participant and the audience guessed right for the most part of the show.

“I loved the Kahoot idea. It was a fun way to keep the audience engaged,” says Emma Marques, a junior at NHS.