Woodbury FFA’s CDEs Compete at UConn


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The Dairy Judging team enjoys a moment on UConn’s North Campus following a long day competing at UConn’s CDE event.

Bianca Gracia, Reporter

WOODBURY — Nonnewaug students traveled to UConn in Storrs on May 13 to compete in different CDEs. A CDE is a Career Development Event, where ag programs across the state compete in different events. The different CDEs competing included Veterinary Science, Environmental Science, and Dairy Evaluation.   

The day for competing Nonnewaug students began at around 6:30 a.m. where the competitors would need to take their team photo as well as prepare for a busy day. As Kathleen Gorman (dairy judging coach) waved everyone goodbye, the teams were ready to go the 60 miles to UConn’s Storrs campus. The teachers that attended the event included Ed Belinsky (environmental science teacher), Michael Lavoie (veterinary science teacher) and Jennifer Jedd (advisor).

The Veterinary Science CDE team performed admirably during May 13’s UConn CDE competition. (Woodbury FFA Instagram)

For each event there were multiple competitions inside the area. In environmental science and dairy judging, competitors were told to identify studied material and do a 10 minute presentation on selected topics. Veterinary science had two parts to their competition: One part was online two weeks before where the team needed to know general knowledge as well as identification. While at UConn, the team had to study restraints and clinicals, provide a 10-minute presentation, and complete a math section.

After the competition was over two teams traveled downtown to UConn’s Storrs Center to enjoy lunch. Afterwards, students drove to the UConn Dairy Bar to finish their day at UConn. Results of the competition will be released in the coming days. 

“My favorite part of competing may have been after it was all done,” says competitor Amelia Pillis. “[We enjoyed] meeting up with the other teams, walking around campus, and getting some ice cream.”