Class of ’22 Closes in on Commencement


Jacob Wells

Seniors will be honored on campus for this year’s graduation to be held on Saturday, June 18th.

James Brooks and Jacob Wells

WOODBURY — They had their ups and downs, persevered through COVID-19 and finished strong with their fourth and final year of high school. The Nonnewaug Class of 2022’s graduation date is June 18, and it’s just days away.  

“I’m feeling anxious and stressed but more so anxious. I’m excited to get out in the world but worried about my future and college,” says Jack Wolf, an NHS senior who’s headed to UConn.

Graduation is taking place at 10:30 a.m. in front of the school by the flagpole. The seniors have had a memorable four years leading up to this graduation, so they deserve a fabulous one. The senior class selected the song “Here Comes The Sun” to be the final song played with the music department to go out with a bang.

In the week leading up to graduation, a special schedule was designed to fit senior finals so commencement can occur Saturday. In the seniors’ final week of high school, they rehearse for graduation so it runs exactly as planned. Students have to say their final goodbyes and take everything in before they move on to the next chapter of their life.  

“It’s bittersweet. I’m going to miss everyone and it’s exciting to finally graduate,” said Tess Aksoy, a senior headed to the University of Kentucky. “I’m looking forward to future adventures and my new chapter in life.”