Finals Frenzy: Long Stretch to the Finish Line


Madelynn Orosz

Stressed about not being sure when finals are? We got you covered!

Madelynn Orosz, Ag/FFA Editor

WOODBURY — The end of the school year is just around the corner and with that comes a dread: finals week. 

Finals week is actually considered “finals weeks” as seniors take their exams a week prior to the rest of the school due to how graduation is June 18. 

The week of June 13, seniors will be taking their finals during the school day while classes are still happening. This means teachers with mixed classes will have to find a way to keep a quiet testing environment while having a class full of other students. 

“I have only a few juniors in [Global Issues], so juniors will be doing an independent assignment while the seniors are taking their exams,” said Katy Aseltine, an NHS English teacher. “I think it is going to be trickier if you have more juniors in class.”

For seniors, June 13 will be the period 2 and 6 exams, June 14 will have period 1 and 5 exams, June 15 will have periods 4 and 7, and June 16 will have the period 3 exam. 

They will finish the week with graduation rehearsals during the day. Graduation takes place June 18 in front of Nonnewaug High School. 

The following week, everyone else will take their exams. The June 20 will have periods 1 and 2, June 21 will have periods 3 and 4, June 22 will have 5 and 6, and June 23 will have periods 7 and make-up exams.  

“I’m not complaining about [finals being late] because I feel it’s given us more time to prepare,” said Morgan Walters, a freshman. “It also isn’t the best though because we can’t really enjoy our last week of school and we have a shorter summer which is not as fun.”