MINI-DOC: How Much Sleep Do Students Need?

Judy Nakhla


Jason Blackeye/Unsplash

Nighttime is for sleep, but how many high school students really get the nine hours of sleep that experts say they need?

Judy Nakhla, Reporter

WOODBURY — It’s no surprise that many high school students don’t get the recommended nine hours of sleep per night. In fact, many students fall at least two hours short of that, which increases their “sleep debt,” as Waterbury Hospital’s Dr. Jay Kenkare calls it.

Are there any easy solutions to this problem? Starting school later in the morning is one idea, but it’s logistically difficult to implement. Students could make more intentional choices about creating their schedules, but that requires self-discipline. And just because you’re in bed doesn’t mean you’re getting high-quality sleep, as this documentary explores.