Chiefs Athletics Team Up with Gatorade for a Successful Fall


Fiona Gengenbach

Nonnewaug High School partnered with Gatorade to promote good nutrition.

Fiona Gengenbach, Reporter

WOODBURY — This fall, Gatorade representative surprised Nonnewaug athletes with Gatorade items. The purpose of this sponsorship was to provide athletes with items to help with their nutrition.

The handouts included a Gatorade, a water bottle, protein bars, protein powder, and Propel mix. These items were given to all fall athletes at the pre-season meeting Aug. 25.

Sean McGee, Nonnewaug’s athletic trainer, was assigned to distribute the items to the athletes. The Gatorade sponsorship served a great purpose for NHS athletes. 

“I think this sponsorship can be important to the athletes,” said McGee. “I consistently have daily issues with hydration and nutrition when it comes to the athletes, especially on hot days or days when athletes don’t eat enough.”

Eating disorders are a common occurrence in high school. With Gatorade’s encouragement and supplying products, they hope to prevent nutritional issues among athletes.  When trying to participate in sports, food and hydration is key. 

“Gatorade is a nice alternative for nutrition and hydration for athletes for a quick replenish of electrolytes or quick calories,” said McGee.

Nonnewaug field hockey player Sage Mauro holds a Gatorade received from the sponsorship. (Fiona Gengenbach)

With time restrictions after school, athletes find themselves lacking nutrients. To successfully participate, an athlete’s body needs enough hydration and fuel to get through a sporting event.

Gatorade also gave post-workout products for muscle strength and recovery. 

“It was really fun receiving free items. They have really helped with my recovery after hot practices,” said senior Sage Mauro, a Nonnewaug field hockey player.  

Nonnewaug has few items remaining. McGee is saving them for emergency situations to provide to dehydrated and malnourished athletes.