Loud and Proud: NHS Drama Club Announces “Clue” to Start Year

The Nonnewaug Drama Club rehearses for the fall 2022 production of Clue.

NHS Drama/Instagram

The Nonnewaug Drama Club rehearses for the fall 2022 production of Clue.

Zoie Cole, Reporter

WOODBURY — Places, everybody! Intricate sets, bright lights, and bold voices are just a few of the features Nonnewaug students can expect from the dazzling musical performance by their peers at the end of each year. Long before tickets go on sale, excitement fills the air with each peek students get at the developing masterpiece. 

The cast and crew of the Nonnewaug Drama Club are known for their presence on stage, but when the curtains are drawn back, what do the spotlights fall on?

Each year, the NHS Drama Club is offered a selection of four plays to pick from. Members of the club vote to determine which will take the auditorium stage; this year, Clue has claimed that spot.

“I focused on shows that would allow an ensemble to shine rather than just a few,” said advisor Catherine Pelkey, who cultivated this year’s four options. “I wanted to give each of the students a moment to showcase their talents … [and] give myself the opportunity to better acquaint myself with the cast, program, and talent. Clue was my secret favorite, as it offers lots of opportunities for comedic talent and wit to come through.”

Senior Michaela Pellino, right, recites alongside Enzo Pamplona-Almiron, center, and Polina Mylus in preparation for this fall’s show. (NHS Drama/Instagram)

Pelkey took over the NHS Drama Club last year as both an advisor and an avid supporter of the students’ creative endeavors. Cast and crew alike proudly describe her as “collaborative,” collectively expressing excitement at the many new angles she brings to the table — or rather, the stage.

The NHS Drama Club is funded in entirety by community support, directly from ticket sales and donations at the door on show nights. 

“When purchasing the rights for the show, designing the set, choosing costume pieces … it helps to have very creative and resourceful minds on the job,” Pelkey said.

Luckily, the members of NHS Drama seem to be exactly that.

“The crew is the main group that works backstage,” said Nonnewaug senior and longtime club member Michaela Pellino, playing Mrs. Peacock in Clue. “They do lights, sets, costumes. They basically make the show possible.”

As with any club undertaking a task as large as a full-length musical, teamwork is a massive part of the NHS Drama Club’s successes. With an estimated 25 member count this year, each voice is important in its own way, no matter which part of production students are involved in.

“The cast gets a say in everything,” Pellino said. “From the set pieces to their individual costumes, it’s one big collaboration.”

“We’re small, but mighty,” Nonnewaug junior Campbell Bologna said. “That’s our motto.”

Bologna, a member of the NHS Drama Club last year as a part of the ensemble, and will return this year as Professor Plum in Clue.

Despite the popularity of the end-of-year performance, Drama is one of Nonnewaug’s lesser known clubs. Students this year hope to increase interest and grow the “second family” so many have found through the theater experience. 

“I will always say: if anyone’s interested, just talk to one of the members, or talk to Dr. Bouchard,” says Bologna. “We will give you the information you need if you’re interested.”

The Nonnewaug Drama Club cast meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 4 p.m., and the crew meets at 3:30 on the same days.

“Keep an ear out from cast and crew members about different tech, art, and fundraising opportunities that are low commitment and would help make the production next level,” said Pelkey.

Above all, the best way to support the NHS Drama Club is to see the show. Clue will be shown on Thursday, Dec. 8 and Friday, Dec. 9 at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased for $10 at the door.