New Counselor DeFrancesco Feels Welcome at Nonnewaug


Emma Jones

Gail DeFrancesco joined Nonnewaug’s counseling staff this year.

Emma Jones, Reporter

WOODBURY – Gail DeFrancesco is the latest addition to our counseling staff here at Nonnewaug. Her daughter, Emma DeFrancesco, is also an agriscience student from Watertown. 

They both love it here at Nonnewaug. Emma loves the opportunities in the ag program, while Gail feels welcomed. 

“All the way down to the kitchen staff to the counseling staff, all around, anyone that I’ve met has been very positive and had great things to say about the school and the community,” the counselor cheerfully said. 

Gail thought about becoming a teacher, but decided psychology was her thing. 

“I originally thought about going into teaching when I was going for my undergraduate. I ended up changing to psychology because I felt like I had a purpose for helping students on a broader level,” said Gail. 

Emma finds that not much has changed except for the fact she doesn’t have to take the bus to school anymore. Instead, she hitches a ride with her mom.

“It’s not different from before, because she was a para in middle school and we don’t really see each other,” says Emma.

Still, Emma thinks that her fellow students will benefit from having her mom on the counseling staff.

“My mom gives good advice and is very supportive,” says Emma.