Some Students Turn Off Dahmer Series


Courtesy of Netflix

Evan Peters starred as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in a popular Netflix series released in September.

Izzy DiNunzio, Community and Multimedia Editor

WOODBURY — Evan Peters’ portrayal of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is not only realistic but terrifying. Netflix’s limited series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, came out Sept. 21 and it has been all the rage. 

Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer from 1978-91. He killed 17 confirmed victims and targeted gay men, many of whom were Black. 

A lot of controversies have come up since the debut of the show. This is not just a Netflix show; it is a true story with real victims. 

A survey on the Chief Advocate’s Instagram asked what users thought of the show. Most said they loved it, but others shed a different light on the show. 

“I heard it retraumatized the families and the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer. All for a bit of entertainment,” said one user. Not just one person agreed.

“I think its incredibly disrespectful to the victim’s families and its gross,” added another user. 

It is not just speculation, victims families have commented on the show and how it has affected them and their families. 

According to Today, Shirley Hughes, the mother of one of Dahmer’s victims, Tony Hughes, said, “I don’t see how they could do that. I don’t see how they can use our names and put stuff out like that.” 

Rita Isbell, sister of the victim, Erroll Lindsey said the show was harsh and careless. She also said the show was making money off of a tragedy. 

Alex Chaberek, a junior at Nonnewaug, loves crime shows and appreciated the series.

“I think Evan Peters did a great job. I think the show was so good,” Chaberek added. 

The stories of the victims are heartbreaking. Episode 6, “Silenced,” especially tugs at the heartstrings. It follows Tony Hughes, a deaf-mute gay man who was yet another victim of the notorious serial killer. 

“Tony, Tony, Tony,” Chaberek concluded.