Students Welcome Flaherty as New Librarian


Emma Jones

Deb Flaherty is Nonnewaug’s new library media specialist.

Emma DeFrancesco and Emma Jones

WOODBURY – Many Chiefs have noticed by now that the school’s former librarian, Maureen Vint, has not been in the Library Media Center this year. However, she does have a replacement – Deborah Flaherty.

You may catch Flaherty at the front desk, restocking books, or even hosting some lessons for your research.

“I’m special-education certified, middle school social studies [certified], high school social studies [certified], and [a] library media specialist,” says Flaherty.

Though Flaherty is new to the Nonnewaug staff, she’s familiar with the athletic program. She has been a coach of the NHS cross country team for three years. She loves doing many things at once and displays that through coaching.

“Honestly, I love my job as a librarian, but coaching is my favorite part of the day. I love it so much I wish I could do it as a full-time job,” Flaherty adds.

Many NHS students have more uses for the library other than borrowing books. In fact, math and English help is available after school in the library.

Caitlin Johnson, a Nonnewaug sophomore, has been using the library for various reasons, especially with the uptick of work in her second year of high school.

“I often go to the library during free periods to catch up on assignments or work on projects,” Johnson said. “It provides a comfortable environment for working.”

With her many visits to the library, Johnson said she feels comfortable and welcome.

“Students and teachers are always friendly in the LMC, and the teachers have been consistently helpful for finding accurate resources,” Johnson adds. 

One of Flaherty’s main goals is to keep up the lessons of researching strategies to help students with their larger projects.

Despite the many challenges of being a new staff member in a large high school, Flaherty feels that the rewards outweigh the struggles.

“The thing I was the most worried about was how connected I was with my old district; I knew everybody really well. Although I was only here for a week, I feel very at home already,” Flaherty concluded. 

Although high school may not be the easiest atmosphere to get used to, Flaherty is embracing it and enjoying every moment.