Homecoming Shines as Students Rejoice


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Nonnewaug’s Homecoming came with rave reviews in 2022.

Cheyenne Milam, Reporter

WOODBURY — This year’s homecoming felt noticeably different. From the music, to the food, to the location, homecoming came with rave reviews in 2022. 

“We know the homecoming week is important to our students, said Pamela Sordi, principal, acknowleding the interest in this year’s dance.

Nonnewaug students have one or two days per school year when they can gather as a community and enjoy themselves with limited guidelines or rules. Students look forward to Nonnewaug’s homecoming every year.

The Homecoming dance of 2021 was deemed a delight, although there was a lot of helpful criticism meant to improve the event for future years.

“The music was terrible [in 2021],” said Destiney Acevedo, regarding the music selections that were vastly improved this year.”

Many students expressed their displeasure that “there was too much country music,” as Eva Lockwood, a Nonnewaug sophomore, suggested.

The Nonnewaug students this year still wished for a better modern musical selections.  The Homecoming coordinator, Tricia Brown, stated that, “the DJ [was] from New York and was highly recommended by Mrs. Riggi.” She had hoped that the DJ this year would be able to satisfy all of the students’ musical preferences.

“They played too much Pitbull,” said Acevedo.

The Nonnewaug High School student body was thrilled to be together; however, due to the venue for the dance in 2021, there were some challenges with the student body having a sense of community. Student attendees complained that the big space and the many smaller rooms made it difficult for them to socialize. Students were pleased that this year’s homecoming was hosted at a venue resembling the prom from the previous year, large, spacious, and inviting. 

Staff members made a lot of effort to enhance this year’s homecoming in response to all the unfavorable comments from the previous year, all the while making sure that everyone is secure, having a good time, and having their needs met.

“It was fun and the food was good,” Olivia Bernardi, Nonnewaug sophomore, said. “Regarding the homecoming menu this year, many individuals praised the cuisine, saying it was excellent and even better than the previous year.”

The students who went to the homecoming dance still held two different opinions about this year’s music concerns. The homecoming queen, Kailey Moore, remarked, “The music and food was really good, and it was fun.” 

“It was the best homecoming I have ever been to,” said senior Sierra Reynolds.