A True Slice of Pie: Mason Pieger



Between all the busyness of Mason Pieger’s life, he enjoys fishing the most.

Jacob Gorlewski , Reporter

WOODBURY — “Hockey is just, yes.” That’s what Mason Pieger had to say about his favorite sport.

“Hockey is a lot of fun and I learn a lot from it,” Pieger said.

Pieger does his best on and off the ice to support his teammates. While on the ice, Pieger supports his team by being one of the Shepaug-Nonnewaug co-op team’s star goalies.

“He has phenomenal movement around the crease, with clean movement, and is a team player,” said John Eschmann, a sophomore with the Spartans.

Mason Pieger is a goalie for the Shepaug-Nonnewaug co-op hockey team. (contributed)

Pieger excels on the ice by stopping goal after goal for his team. 

”He’s a great player and is really positive,” said Tommy Faull, a junior. 

When Pieger is not excelling on the rink, he is a prominent member of Nonnewaug’s Math Honor Society.  

“Pieger really stands out when doing hands-on activities,” said Ray Robillard, the faculty advisor of the Math Honor Society. “He is very hospitable with new members and is always one of the first to introduce himself. He will work with anyone and everyone and help someone if they’re confused.”

Pieger meets after school with the Math Honor Society to further develop his mathematical skills while also learning interesting ways to use what he’s learned in the classroom.

“A few days ago we started to look at how computers work,” said Pieger. “It’s pretty cool.” 

In the spring and summer months, Pieger is a catcher in baseball, including for Nonnewaug. 

Zach Cordova, a sophomore who played with Pieger last season, said, “He’s a great leader who can hit major dingers.”

Pieger also has the chance for a great opportunity on the diamond come this spring.

“Now as an upperclassman, and with the loss of our previous catcher, Pieger has the opportunity to get a lot of varsity time if he takes advantage of it,” said Kyle Brennan, the JV baseball coach.

Mason Pieger sets up for a pitch while catching. His leadership behind the plate is a strong characteristic of his. (contributed)

A common theme among all of Pieger’s activities is his leadership capability and his persistence to get better at the things he pursues.

“Pieger is good at catching, a fun guy to hang with, and just an overall respectable dude,” said Billy Calabrese, a sophomore on the baseball team.

Overall, Pieger is a highly enthusiastic and intense role model for his fellow teammates. Pieger’s passion translates beyond the rink and diamond as he can often be found on the water. 

In his spare time, Pieger likes to indulge in fishing. In the summer months, he’ll spend time with his friends on a boat or kayak, while in the winter he likes to ice fish.

“Pieger is a huge help when it comes to getting lures out of weird spots in the water,” said Lucas Savarese, a junior at Nonnewaug.

Mason regularly fishes in his hometown of Watertown as well as at Small Cow Pond in Bethlehem.

Pieger often assists with fixing the lines and other complications while on the water. Untangling fishing lines might just be the perfect metaphor for Pieger: someone who’s able to fix and improve any issue, displaying his well-rounded skill set. 

Overall Pieger is a hard working, respectable player and teammate — attributes that are recognized by all of his teammates. 

“Pieger is nice to everyone; I have nothing bad to say about him,” said Aurora Francisco, a junior at Nonnewaug. “It is always a good time having him around.”